A flashlight is Precious at night – The experience

A flashlight is valuable at night – The Romanian experience

By Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 05 March 2014

Asia can take a leaf from Romanian history, after the fall of communism there – that the battle of crime and corruption versus democratic free enterprise. Now, is a worldwide battle between light and dark in IT – between enterprise. This has recently taken a sinister turn, when authorities have engaged in cyber warfare, utilizing parties to create viruses against political rivals. This is escalating the issue, where criminals are deemed ‘rsquo & patriotic; and both sides practice producing malware. It has increased the idea of defense, i.e. assault the attackers. The Internet does not lend itself to these tactics, and defense remains the best way forward.

Read the article composed by Florin Talpes for the 2014 Issue of Computer World Asia-Pacific

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A flashlight is Precious at night - The experience - a1

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