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CDGS X8 BoxEarlier today, Corel announced version X8 of its flagship graphics product—CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

We are excited to simultaneously release this new version in 14 languages around the world. The whole team has been extremely busy since unveiling our last version, dedicating their passion and countless hours of care to deliver this major upgrade.

Our journey to X8 began by working closely with our users through research, site visits and online communication—and we also keep up with latest trends in the PC industry. With more than 25% of visitors to the CorelDRAW Community having upgraded to Windows 10 already (much faster than the industry average) it was clear from the get-go that X8 needed to work great on the latest operating system out of Redmond; while remaining fully compatible with Windows 7 and 8.1 for those who prefer those versions.

Hardware is also in the midst of a major transformation. With the advent of the latest generations of pen & touch devices, we’ve made sure that X8 not only works great with Wacom tablets, but now also fully supports the latest tablets using Real-Time Stylus (WinRTS) technology. With full pen & touch support, now you can start sketching directly in CorelDRAW, whether it be freehand or using the Smart Drawing tools with their built-in shape recognition technology.The other notable hardware shift has been the rapid adoption of high-resolution displays.

The other notable hardware shift has been the rapid adoption of high-resolution displays. CDGS X8 SurfaceCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 is arguably one of the very best when it comes to supporting High-DPI monitors—especially when you mix multiple screens with varying resolutions. From our research, we know this is a common situation where you might have a 4K monitor, but also want to continue to use your existing 1080p screen. As you may know, most Windows applications look fuzzy on one of the screens when you drag it back and forth… not so for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8, which now handles the display rendering for each monitor independently.

We strongly believe in offering CorelDRAW Graphics Suite users the choice to adapt the user interface (UI) to match your needs, and not to be forced in a pre-defined layout. We continue this trend in X8 by providing the option to not only fully customize your workspace, but also to change the colors of the title bar, the background, and the actual UI.
Yes—for those who have been asking, you can now switch from a light to a dark or even black user interface.

We also continue to offer different workspaces such as an Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop layout (in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT respectively) for those familiar with their button arrangement but do not want to be forced in a subscription option and prefer to purchase perpetual licenses.

CDGS X8 Main UI Large

Inside the products of the Suite, we’ve made numerous enhancements. A few I wanted to highlight here are the completely new

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