Red Hat To Acquire Codenvy

​I am excited to announce Codenvy has agreed to be acquired by Red Hat.​ Becoming part of Red Hat allows us to extend our reach to millions of developers who are creating better technology the open source way.

Cloud workspaces let anyone, anywhere contribute to software development projects. It’s a simple concept that drove growth in (approximately 45K actives / month) and open source Eclipse Che (1.2M usage hours / month, 4K GitHub stars, and 100 contributors).

However, our work is not done. The software development industry is shifting towards cloud-native microservices on the back of rapid adoption of container technology.

Containers, while essential, shift app dependency burdens from operations to development. For developers, adopting the container paradigm gates writing and debugging code behind a complex abstraction that requires expert Linux knowledge.

This makes developer productivity a huge issue for companies adopting containers.

Our unique intellectual property “dev modes” production environments to create a professional code experience for developers working with containers.

The rapid adoption of containers makes orchestration standards the industry’s next step. We held the view that Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift are leading the way in this space. So when Red Hat shared their container vision, our decision to join them became a “no-brainer”.

When the transaction closes, Codenvy and Red Hat will combine resources to create an agile development platform for OpenShift-powered applications.

As a result of today’s announcement, we do not expect our users, customers and partners to experience disruption to operations or enterprise support services. We continue our commitment to Eclipse Che and expect to expand it by open sourcing Codenvy Enterprise.

I’d like to send my sincerest thanks to our investors and employees who have steadfastly committed their capital and lives to this vision.

I’m happy to field your questions directly. Please reach me on email:

Tyler Jewell — Founder and CEO

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