Lately in Cloud Development — July 2017

A monthly recap of the news I found most interesting in cloud development.

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Stephen O’Grady

Stephen does a nice job explaining why the success of microservices over SOA is more about how easily they can be adopted by developers and how little lock-in they demand.

Gareth Rushgrove

Some thoughts on the emerging serverless platform market, the “anyone but AWS” movement and why OpenWhisk may be a good horse to back.

Guillermo Rauch

Zeit is doing some very interesting things with simplifying cloud deployments. Their “now” syntax is smart, clean and powerful. If you’ve been struggling with cloud deployments it’s worth playing with.

Alex Handy

Bot company Begin has donated their Architect project to the JavaScript foundation. Architect aims to make it simple to deploy JS apps to AWS Lambda (and theoretically any other serverless platform).

Aparna Sinha and Ihor Dvoretskyi

Read up on the latest release of Kubernetes.

Amit Joshi and Andrew Spyker

A cautionary tale with many examples of how handling container orchestration at scale can be challenging. Perhaps not applicable to most, but it’s fun to read about the bleeding edge.

Nicolas Baron

Nicolas shares best practices on processes, team organization and tooling to help increase your odds of a successful migration from legacy to cloud.

Sandeep Dinesh

A set of highly actionable and easily consumed best practices when using containers generally and Kubernetes specifically. If you’re just getting into containers there’s a lot of gold here.

Michael Hausenblas

A nice short article on the new ReShifter project and how it can help with Kubernetes management in production.

Vish Abrams

Vish outlines the challenges with debugging a production container and explains how to use nsenter, Nix and Oracle’s new Crashcart project to make things easier.

James Wilson

A clear summary of some of the factors that go into choosing between serverless and containerized platforms: speed, invocation frequency and communications are covered.

Frans Rosen

A very detailed and practical look at how to properly setup access controls in AWS S3. There’s a lot of semi-hidden gotchas here that are called out.

With Sysdamins day there were a flurry of blogs and articles about DevOps: the future of ops; the death of ops; automation of ops. Below are two contrasting opinions of what ops will mean and who will do what in the coming years. Read and decide for yourself…

Ops: It’s Everyone’s Job Now by Charity Majors

Everyone Is Not Ops by Cindy Sridharan

James Governor

Although not limited to cloud developers, James thoughts on how to properly fund the long tail of OSS affects us all. There’s a selection of options today that we can do more with, but ultimately change is needed in how consumers and vendors view compensation for OSS work.

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