And you, how do you use your Sweet Home 3D? Episode 23

Dorin is a faithful contributor from Romania, helping people on several subjects in the forum and proposing different libraries and some models on SourgeForge, especially 2D symbols reported also in this article.

– For how long have you been using Sweet Home 3D and why?

I have shivered my hard disk drive and I found one of my very early Sweet Home 3D files dating from august 2009!
I started to use it for work. I needed to make plans at scale, as close as possible to those made with CAD software. I made measurements of 10~15 old buildings (1897~1975) included the Town hall, library, kindergarten and transposed them in Sweet Home 3D. It wasn’t my duty to make CAD plans but the emergency ones.
As I didn’t find arrows and other symbols to satisfy my claims, I started to make symbols myself. At the beginning, I improvised by modifying some carpets to use them as signs and arrows but I wasn’t satisfied so I had to use more other programs, until the day Emmanuel published how to build a library with objects visible only in 2D, I said “That is what I was looking for!”
I started to learn, tried to understand how it works, modified and made a lot of tests and, in the end, I did something acceptable.
I have made over than 40 different plans. Here are a kindergarten and a secondary school.

First floor of a kindergarten in Sweet Home 3D, then integrated in an evacuation plan

Second floor of a school in Sweet Home 3D, then integrated in an evacuation plan

– What software do you use to draw these symbols?

I started to use the existing symbols found in Libre Office Draw (arrows) and I also drew my own ones needed for my purpose.
When the 2D Symbols library grew with architectural and other kinds of objects, Libre Office Draw became insufficient so I used Inkscape for better results. Of course, I needed to use Gimp and other specific Linux tools to transform, convert, adapt images at different formats (jpg, png).
All libraries were edited and tested piece-by-piece and modified by hand until… a member of the forum, I guess Alberich, made something similar but with the help of a bash script. Then I remembered that I am a Linux user so I modified the script and now, it is much more easy to make or to update this kind of library.

A 2D Symbols library available in ticket #325 at

– Do you use Sweet Home 3D also at home?

Yes, I use the program for the renovation of my apartment. In this case, the 3D view was useful for at least two reasons:
1) to my wife to make and approve the modifications
2) to show to contractors what and how I want it to be in the end.

“Dimensiuni” level showing all the dimensions “Mobilier” level showing furniture

– Can you comment how you use levels feature in your plans?

For a nearly accurate 2D plan, I need a lot of information but only a few are necessary to be visible at a moment. For example:
– on an emergency plan, I need only the surfaces but I can’t have them in the absence of accurate dimensions;
– on my apartment, it is something similar

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