Customization for the Forensic Police

eTeks is proud to report that the French Forensic Police Office (Scientific Police) recently chose Sweet Home 3D as a tool to design plans. This is a concrete application of the recommendation of the French government to give the preference to free open source solutions.
Before making this choice, the SCPTS (Service Central de la Police Technique et Scientifique) requested some additional features and 3D models that will let them represent crime scenes but also exterior road scenes.

New vehicles and road signs

Sweet Home 3D features for the SCPTS

The request of the SCPTS led to the development of some features released in Sweet Home 3D version 6.0, like the articulated mannequin, multiline texts and new options for polylines. Beside that, two plugins were developed:

New 3D models and textures for the SCPTS

Carlos Folch, the author of Resources.blogscopia, also designed 91 new 3D models and 5 new floor textures to complete the list of existing free 3D models with additional vehicles, clothes, weapons, tools and road symbols.
These models were released in the SCPTS.sh3f library contained in the file (4.3 MB – translated in English, French and Spanish – updated on 12/18/2018), where they can be easily found with the “SCPTS” keyword.

Like the other 3D models designed by Scopia, the new ones are available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license, with the requirement of giving credit only in case a 3D model or a work derived from it is redistributed (see also Scopia license).
Before being translated in more languages and added to the Scopia library, SCPTS’ 3D models are listed below to let you display each model in 3D by clicking on its image or download it by clicking on the link under the image. These models can also be found in the free 3D models search engine.

The 5 new following textures were created for roads and are available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Thanks to the SCPTS for choosing Sweet Home 3D and making these additional features available under a free license! We hope it will help to solve some court cases in France and other countries around the world.

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