Sweet Home 3D shortcuts

FILE   Open a new home File > New Ctrl N cmd N   Open a previously saved home File > Open… Ctrl O cmd O   Save the edited home File > Save Ctrl S cmd S   Save the edited home under an other name File > Save as… Ctrl Shift S cmd shift S   Save the edited home in a compressed file with same quality File > Save and compress Ctrl Alt S cmd alt S   Close the edited home File > Close   Alt F4 cmd W   Display Page setup pane File > Page setup… Ctrl Shift P cmd shift P   Print the edited home File > Print… Ctrl P cmd P   Display Preferences pane File > Preferences…
(Sweet Home 3D > Preferences… under Mac OS X) Ctrl M cmd ,    EDIT   Transfer the focus to a pane (pane surrounded by a colored rectangle receiving keyboard inputs)     Tab or Shift + Tab Click in the pane Undo the last action Edit > Undo Ctrl Z cmd Z   Redo the last undone action Edit > Redo Ctrl Y cmd shift Z   Copy and delete the items selected in home Edit > Cut Ctrl X cmd X   Copy the selected items in clipboard (+ a text of the selected furniture when the furniture list has focus, or an image of the selected items when the plan has focus) Edit > Copy Ctrl C cmd C   Paste the copied or cut items into home Edit > Paste Ctrl V cmd V   Paste the copied or cut piece into the group selected in home Edit > Paste to group   Ctrl Shift V cmd shift V   Paste the style of the copied or cut item to the selected ones (the copied and selected items must be of the same type) Edit > Paste style   Ctrl Alt V cmd alt V   Delete the selected items Edit > Delete Del Back space   Select all items in the furniture list or the plan Edit > Select all Ctrl A cmd A   FURNITURE   Select a piece in furniture catalog or furniture list     Arrows ←↑↓→ Click on the piece Select contiguous pieces in furniture catalog or furniture list     Shift Arrows ←↑↓→ Shift + Click on the last piece Sort furniture list Furniture > Sort by > Column     Click once on column header for ascending sort, twice for descending sort Toggle the selection of a piece in furniture catalog or furniture list       Ctrl + Click cmd + Click Add the piece selected in the catalog to the plan at (0,0) Furniture > Add to home Ctrl Shift F cmd shift F Drag and drop piece in furniture list Add a piece of the catalog anywhere in the plan       Drag and drop catalog piece in the plan Display the modification pane of the selected pieces of furniture Furniture > Modify… Ctrl E cmd E Double-click on a piece Create a group from selected pieces Furniture > Group   Ctrl Shift G cmd shift G   Ungroup all the pieces of the

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