GIMP 2.10.10 Released

We haven’t had any updates for a few months but the wait is hopefully worth it! We’ve got many nice new features, optimizations, and stability fixes in this release!

Version 2.10.10 highlights include:

Line art detection in the Bucket Fill tool for comic artists Various usability improvements in transformation tools Sample Merged option added to the Heal tool and fixed in the Clone tool Parametric brushes now have 32-bit per channel precision Easier brush and pattern creation workflow On-canvas layer selection Faster saving/exporting and layer groups rendering Initial DDS support Many improvements in GEGL, the image processing engine Notable improvements Improved tools Bucket Fill tool

The Bucket Fill tool got a bit of a revamp making it much easier to use. It also got a new “Fill by line art detection” mode (a.k.a. “Smart Colorization”)!

“Colors are hard”, by Aryeom, CC BY-SA 4.0 Quick Color picking

Similarly to painting tools, it is now possible to pick surrounding colors on canvas with the Ctrl modifier, without having to switch to Color Picker tool.

Click and drag to fill

In “Fill similar colors” and “Fill by line art detection” modes, you can now keep the mouse button down to continue filling more areas.

Fill by line art detection

Finally, the highlight change on the Bucket Fill tool is a new algorithm for painters, allowing to fill areas surrounded by “line arts”, while trying to leave no unfilled pixels near the lines, and closing potential zones.

This feature, originated from the G’MIC plug-in as a research paper, was contributed by Jehan as work for the IMAGE team of the GREYC laboratory (French Research Lab, affiliated to the CNRS, the University of Caen, and the engineering school ENSICAEN), with important interface input from Aryeom from ZeMarmot project.

Smart colorization in GIMP

See also this technical blog post.

Transformation tools

Ell improved various shortcomings on several transformation tools:

The Scale tool now scales from the center, even when using numeric input. The Unified Transform tool defaults to preserving the aspect ratio when scaling up or down. New “Constrain handles” and “Around center” options to the Perspective Transform tool’s GUI, which are similar to the corresponding options of the Unified Transform tool. New “Readjust” button in several transformation tools to readjust transform handles based on the current zoom level. Forward and backward transform directions can be linked, which allows moving the handles without affecting the transformation, letting you manually readjust their position.

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Heal and Clone tool

Michael Natterer improved the Heal tool by adding the “Sample merged” option which allows painting changes on a separate layer to keep the original data intact. The Clone tool already had the “Sample merged” option. It has been updated to also work similarly.

These changes are important for manipulating images without modifying original pixels in a non-destructive fashion.

Better brushes 32-bit parametric brushes

Michael Natterer and Ell worked a lot on a better brush support in GIMP. A major improvement for painters was making parametric brushes finally 32-bit float, following the high-bit depth move for color processing. The main advantage will be to avoid posterization on large brushes, especially with darker colors.

It is to be noted that raster brushes are still 8-bit. Promoting them to 32-bit float is also a planned future work.

Moreover, plug-ins only have access

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