GIMP 2.10.12 Released

GIMP 2.10.12 is mostly a bug fix release as some annoying bugs were discovered, which is to be expected after a 2.10.10 with so many changes!

“Don’t squash bugs… free them!”, by Aryeom, CC BY-SA 4.0 (a poetic approach to debugging)

Still, some very cool improvements are also available:

Improved Curves tool Layers support for TIFF exporting Support for user-installed fonts on Windows Faster painting Improved symmetry painting support Incremental mode in the Dodge/Burn tool Free Select tool now creates a preliminary selection New Offset tool Improvements and features Improving curves editing and Curves tool Generic curves interaction

The interaction with curves in general has been greatly enhanced, which is an improvement both to the Curves tool and all other places where curves need tweaking (currently paint dynamics and input device settings):

Relative motion when dragging points

When dragging an existing curve point, it won’t “jump” anymore to the cursor position upon pressing the button. Instead it will move relatively to its current position as the cursor moves. This allows selecting a point with a quick click without moving it, and adjusting a point position more easily.

Additionally, when the cursor hovers above a point, or when dragging a point, the coordinate indicator now show the point’s position, rather than the cursor’s.

Snap to curve when holding Ctrl

When holding down Ctrl while adding or dragging a point, the Y-coordinate will snap to the original curve. This is particularly useful for adding points along the curve.

Likewise, the coordinate indicator shows the snapped coordinates.

Curves tool specific interaction

Additionally, some improvements are specific to the Curves tool:

Numeric input of Curves tool points

Two new spin-buttons labelled “Input” and “Output” are now available in the Curves tool interface. They allow setting the selected point’s coordinates numerically and accurately if needed.

Add smooth or corner curve-point types

Control points can now be either smooth or corner points. Smooth points produce a smooth curve, while corner points result in sharp angles (previously, all points were smooth and this is still the default).

Corner points are displayed using a diamond shape, instead of a circle and the type can be changed in the Curves tool.

TIFF now has layer support!

Thanks to Tobias Ellinghaus, well known as a darktable developer, TIFF can now export images without merging layers.

Support of user-installed fonts on Windows

Though not fully tested, we now have a temporary support of a new Windows 10 feature. Windows 10 users indeed now have the ability to install fonts without admin permissions since a recent update.

Therefore we added this non-admin font folder to our search path when running GIMP. It should be only a temporary workaround since eventually this should be supported by fontconfig, the upstream library used to manage fonts.

Note also that it is not fully tested because of our lack of Windows developers. Therefore we are mostly hoping it will work as expected, and this is a good time to make a call again:

Are you a Windows developer? Do you love GIMP? Please contribute!

Seriously, none of our current developers use Windows and bugs are piling up in our bug tracker for this platform (same can be said on macOS by the way), whereas GIMP is so enjoyably stable on GNU/Linux. We are happy to do the occasional good deeds, but there are limits to what we can do

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