26 Networking Hacks to Boost Your Career


“Networking”. What an interesting concept – broad yet concrete at the same time, challenging yet super rewarding.

Networking is defined by many things:

Connections Relationships Opportunities Friends Experiences

Nevertheless, networking can also bring:

Anxiety and fear Discomfort / comfort zone removal Wasted time Distractions Hustle and sacrifice

Engaging with professionals through various environments and events is a true art. It is the art of effectively conveying your communication mastery in various ways – body language, eye contact, tone of voice, the topics you approach, the way you look at things, the charisma you embody, and much more.

When you first start out as a networker, you’re basically a prey in a sea of sharks. To make networking worthwhile, profitable, and truly satisfying, you’ll need to become the biggest shark.

In today’s post, I’m sharing more tips, tricks, and strategies, which if you consistently apply, will change the face of your networking journey and will skyrocket your odds of becoming the best. Check this out, and pay some real attention!

Basics, Principles, and Mindset

1. Networking is not a talent that you’re born with. It is a skill that can be developed in time, through practice and discipline. Obviously, the art of networking supposes true passion and a real sense of purpose and direction.

2. Finding it hard to talk to people during events is common. If you’re an introvert, this is one of your biggest life tests, one that I’m sure you’ll pass. If you find networking truly difficult, remember that you can overcome that by allowing yourself constantly to be dragged out of your comfort zone.

3. Networking isn’t about wearing masks. It’s about being you. It’s about genuinity, strategy, and flexibility. When you mimic somebody else’s body language only because you know that it helps at building rapport, you’re not wearing a mask – that is being you, applying your skills. People seek real people, not masks!

4. Quit thinking about what went wrong. Honestly, most of the people you’ve talked to won’t even realize that “mistake you did”, the one that you obssess about in your head.

5. You should be looking for strong and selective connections rather than many insignificant ones. Quality over quantity. Most people are used to collecting various skills, certificaitons, and CV components, so they’ll often try to “collect” as many people (human resources) while at networking events. That’s not the way to go!

6. Network without expectations. If you are able to restrict yourself from making any expectations, you’ll protect yourself from many dissapointments. Some people are serious, others are not. Don’t even fall into the trap of believing that your connections are “like you”.

7. Focus but be flexible when choosing the events. This means that you should mainly aim to connect with professionals through industry-related events, though you shouldn’t neglect networking events that happen to be outside of your area of expertise.

Before a Networking Event

8. Find a good reason why you should attend an event. Listen. Your time is limited, and so is your energy, attention, and motivation. Try to choose only events that you truly think they’re productive and helpful. Keep your personal standards high and linked to your long-term purpose.

9. Use the list of attendees in your advantage. Many events have atendees lists, where you

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