Nebo 2.4: Using the cloud to make your team more productive

A few weeks ago, we presented a new innovation in Nebo: the possibility to mix handwriting and typing. We saw you needed a keyboard in some note-taking contexts, so we decided to expand the ways you can input text. The 2.4 version also introduces a Draft section in our Insider program (iOS only), a first step in letting you write quickly and think about structure later, while still benefiting from the powerful MyScript Interactive Ink capabilities.

What comes next? Beyond continuing on this path of improving your personal productivity using Nebo, we plan to go one step further and address the productivity of teams and the way they collaborate around digital content. And the cloud will be instrumental to get there.

Bringing team collaboration to Nebo

The cloud has been part of Nebo since day one. Syncing with Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud lets you access your notes from all the devices you run Nebo on. But we know teams have bigger needs.

Moving to the professional level, the collaboration around digital content is also about:

· Sharing information between team members.

· Collaborating on content creation, from reviewing/annotating content created by other team members to multiple team members working on the same content.

· Simplifying exports to enterprise systems in various formats.

· Potentially integrating Nebo with other team productivity tools — such as Slack or Confluence like we do at MyScript — to make it easier to create and edit content .

As teams can be spread across various locations, and ultimately across companies collaborating on the same project, the approach must be inclusive: We do not expect everybody to use Nebo, but everybody has access to a web browser.

The team journey has already started!

Our goal with Nebo is to progressively make teams more productive. With the Publish feature released in Nebo 2.4, we offer a first significant milestone towards team collaboration. It lets you easily share your notes with your teammates, that are totally responsive thanks to the MyScript Interactive Ink technology. It gives them the possibility to download them as digital documents and, if they have Nebo, they can even edit them and share them back with you.

This first milestone is the foundation for an open, team environment that we will continuously enhance. Our cloud infrastructure is in place, our Interactive Ink technology works not only on your device but also within the cloud, so all the ingredients are there to release more Nebo updates with the collaborative features you need to make your team more productive.

Your notes at work with Nebo

With these two complementary paths, one geared to personal productivity, the other to team productivity, Nebo and MyScript Interactive Ink bring handwriting to the core of our digital life.

Along the journey, your feedback is essential to help us prioritize and make sure our new releases contribute to improve your productivity. Give us your opinion via Twitter or Facebook and contribute to making Nebo the best it can be! Discover more about the Nebo experience on

From us to you,

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