Nebo 2.4: What if more productivity came from more freedom?

A few weeks ago, we launched Nebo 2.3 with the introduction of a keyboard. While being convinced that handwriting is the most natural way to take notes, we know that from time to time, other input methods can be more convenient. But rather than setting handwriting and keyboard as an either/or option, we chose to treat them equally and offer a breakthrough approach: whether typing or writing, having the freedom to use both offers greater control over your content. That’s our take in bringing intuitive note taking further into the digital world and increasing productivity.

The new Nebo 2.4 is another step forward in this journey.

We knew from day one that guiding you to handwrite in a structured way — such as writing on lines or within dedicated objects — did not cover all the ways you take notes. But back then, as with now, it is a way to distinguish and accurately recognize different kinds of content (text, math, shapes) and to quickly and easily reuse what you have written in other apps. The benefits — sharing clean notes, no retyping — were clearly compensating for those constraints.

Just as with the keyboard, it is now time for us to take on another challenge: To support note-taking in any situation and give you greater control over what you write. With this in mind, today we are laying the first stone to get there.

Introducing Draft

Sometimes meetings can go wild jumping from one topic to another, sometimes ideas need to be jotted down, sketched and connected together as they flow. And in many situations, taking notes in a structured way can take too much time and effort. The creative mind doesn’t follow a straight path.

As we listened to our users and studied their behavior, we began to envision a different kind of note taking, one with greater flexibility: mixing writing and sketching so as to offer as much freedom as possible, where each element on the page could be moved, resized, rearranged, and eventually integrated into a more structured text.

This is what Draft in Nebo is: full-width sections for switching to “thinking mode”, that can be created anytime with a simple slice gesture. Just draw a line from edge to edge, and you’re good to go.

We added an advanced Lasso tool to let you select precisely what you want to move or copy: Be it a mix of text, drawing, diagram, our engine recognizes different types of content and creates dedicated blocks or objects when you paste into your structured page. And while we were at it, we made sure the Lasso also works outside of Draft sections.

We’ve come a long way since the first release of Nebo, and there is more to come. Today we’re launching Draft and Lasso as beta features in our Insider program and will keep working on upgraded versions and features of Nebo in the upcoming months, still powered by MyScript Interactive Ink — our powerful recognition engine. The Insider program regularly offers new features, and we will be actively listening to your feedback to make sure that we continue to deliver all the tools you need to be more productive.

We are always keen to listen to your feedback. Whether you’re a long-time user or new to Nebo, let us know how Nebo version 2.4 usage improves your

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