Nebo 2.3: Pen or keyboard? Why not both!

For two years, more and more of you have been adopting Nebo as your preferred handwriting and note-taking application. Nebo has been specifically designed to boost your productivity, giving particular focus to the scenarios in which many of us find ourselves in our daily lives; taking minutes at meetings, preparing reports, elaborating on specifications, etc. When you want to capture information and share it with others, Nebo is where your work begins.

Many of you have requested additional capabilities by which you can input content into Nebo. Today, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Nebo’s keyboard input feature. This feature goes well beyond what is available anywhere else in the market today.

Nebo 2.3 is the first application that delivers a seamless integration of both handwriting and keyboard input. This is a technological breakthrough and a key milestone in our strategy to fully integrate handwriting into the digital world in which we live.

How it works

We know you love the handwriting experience of Nebo, which utilizes our best-in-class handwriting recognition technology, already enjoyed by half a billion users. Don’t worry, handwriting will still remain our primary focus. To complement this, we put a great deal of time into integrating the support of a keyboard input that would continue to build upon your Nebo experience.

After intensive AI & UX research (read the full story here: How keyboard met digital ink), the answer became crystal clear: A note is a unique piece of information, so pen and keyboard must be able to act on it equally. The same editing capabilities need to be available to both.

Nebo is the first and only app to mix typeset and handwriting, treating them equally.

Whether it is a handwritten or typeset text, using backspace will delete a letter. Since your note is a single piece of content, why not type directly into the middle of a handwritten sentence or vice versa?

Likewise, the handwritten editing gestures of Nebo will work on typeset text whether it is typed, copied/pasted from another app or even dictated through the voice command of your soft keyboard.

Your notes at work: Opening new capabilities for professionals

With Nebo 2.3, you can use the appropriate input tool in any situation, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

Preparing your meeting has never been so easy. It can be done at your desktop by pasting and editing an agenda created in your calendar. You’ve forgotten your pen? You’re late and the speaker is too fast? No worries! Capture or complete your notes with the soft keyboard. Short on time? Not a problem! Simply dictate what’s important at the end of the meeting.

Back from your meeting, you are now free to perfect your notes, this time using the keyboard as your preferred tool. You can add content, rephrase points or tidy up sentences, and then share with others as a professional document.

Combining pen and keyboard makes editing more efficient while once again bringing a more intuitive feel to the process. While typing content, you can return to a previous line of text to add a word: Choose where you want to put it, make space with a pen gesture and now type or write it. If you want to erase a word, it’s just as simple. At last, you no longer need to worry about precisely positioning the cumbersome magnifying glass with your cursor.

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