How to Turn Your Quarterly Plans into Action

How often do you look back at the last few months and wonder where the time has gone? What did you actually get done? It feels like you were just running around, dealing with one fire after another, but the list of ideas you wanted to implement is still just that– a list. The disappointment settles in as you realize, you’ve yet again failed to fulfill the majority of your quarterly plans. 

Briefly put, quarterly planning means setting goals for the next three months and breaking them into actionable steps or projects. At Toggl Plan, every person, in alignment with their team’s goals and the overall company strategy, comes up with their personal quarterly plan. Teams then present these quarterly plans to the whole company at the beginning of the quarter. We also make sure to share our plans on a Toggl Plan timeline and follow up mid- and end of quarter to assure progress is taking place. 

To Plan or Not to Plan

This is not the question. We, at Toggl Plan, find planning an important part of our routine. We start with the big picture and defining the overall strategy before cutting it down into more manageable chunks. The short-term planning is important to stay motivated and flexible. Priorities can change, and they often do, so revisiting our plans every three months keeps the whole company aligned.

Writing down goals and actions for the upcoming quarter, as well as openly sharing them with the team, helps everyone have a clear understanding of

what is expected of them where the company is heading what the current priorities are

It makes sure we’re moving forward, rather than just reacting to anything and everything that comes up. To put it simply– quarterly planning helps us take control of our time.

But let’s not focus on how to come up with goals and action points. Let’s take a look at how we make sure the beautifully crafted plans get executed.

How to Do Quarterly Planning

The process of quarterly planning doesn’t end with coming up with a list of things to do or goals to achieve. It’s the actual execution and follow-up that makes the difference. While quarterly planning, in some way or another (be it through OKRs, KPIs or some other framework), is a common practice, many companies struggle to keep the plans meaningful, resulting in end-of-quarter reviews where goals haven’t been met and actions haven’t been taken. This can result in two situations:

The organizational strategy isn’t implemented, and the company isn’t moving forward. The employees become unmotivated due to the lack of direction and stop taking set goals seriously. 

To avoid either of the above mentioned scenarios, we’ve made Toggl Plan an integral part of our quarterly planning. In addition to writing down the actions each of us intends to take in the next quarter, we also mark them down on our timeline for all to see. 

Why Use Toggl Plan for Quarterly Planning

Toggl Plan is a web-based solution for task scheduling, project planning, and team management. Users create and schedule tasks using a drag-and-drop interface, producing a color-coded timeline of the work to be completed. Marking tasks as done gives an even better understanding of progress and increases accountability within a team.

Mapping out your

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