4 Rules Small Businesses Need to Break Now to Meet Customers’ Expectations in 2021

We’ve seen so many changes in the past year, but there’s one we’re particularly excited about. We can’t help but notice how focused small businesses are on providing a better customer experience. That’s due to the fact that most savvy business owners recognize that the loyalty they once enjoyed may…Read More

3DXTech & Gearbox3D Take Additive Manufacturing To the Next Level

In the last ten years, massive additive manufacturing innovations have firmly planted digital manufacturing into the industry’s zeitgeist. However, today two of the most pressing challenges for the technology remain: How do you print something with plastic that goes beyond a prototype? How do you reliably print with high temperature…Read More

I’m Projected to Owe Taxes Next Year – What Should I Do Now?

With tax season right around the corner, you may be wondering whether you paid enough taxes this year. Have no fear — we’ve compiled a list of money moves you can make before December 31st to improve your tax picture. Contribute More Towards Retirement If you’re contributing to your company’s…Read More

What is a Recovery Rebate Tax Credit?

With all the information covering the stimulus checks and payments you may have heard the phrase Recovery Rebate Credit thrown around and are wondering, “what is the Recovery Rebate Credit?” or “Do I qualify for the Recovery Rebate Credit?”  Don’t worry about knowing answers to these questions. We have you…Read More