How to create a social media post

Creating engaging and relatable social media content has never been more important than nowadays. A quality and catchy image can be the difference on a strategy for getting more followers, sell more and even to grow a whole business.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to create a social media post using Gravit Designer.

Create a new Document

Start by creating a new document. Gravit Designer has a series of preset sizes on the Welcome Screen, including Social Media.

For this tutorial, choose the Instagram Post preset size.

Define the content

You probably already have your brand, color palette, text and images in mind to create this post, so be sure to use your source material and keeping brand-consistent. For this tutorial, let’s use a post for a bakery as an example, and our content will be meant to showcase a new flavour of cupcake with images and some text. If you don’t yet have a logo, learn how to create a logo with our tutorial.

This is our fictitious logo and the color palette we will use.

Start by the background

Start by creating a rectangle with the Rectangle tool (R), filling the space of the canvas. Use the pink color (#FFB9CD) from our palette.

After that, create another rectangle, a little smaller than the size of your canvas. This will create a sort of frame to make the background look more detailed. Use the blue color (#91E5FF) from the palette.

To make the pink frame more interesting, let’s use the Texture Fill options to create polka-dots. Click here for more details on how to create seamless patterns on Gravit Designer.

Main image

Next step is to add an image of a cupcake that will be used in this post. You can click the Image icon on the tool bar and then Place Image… or simply drag the image from your personal folder to the canvas.

The image used in this tutorial is this picture of a cupcake, for which we will create a mask to cut the background off.

For more details on how to cut the background from an image, click here.

The cupcake will be placed at the bottom of the post.

Add a Drop Shadow effect, at the bottom of the Inspector panel, to create a little contrast with the background.

Text information

In this fictitious post, the main text will be the name of the new flavour of cupcake. Use the Text tool (T) to create the text.

Let’s use a font called Hoagie to type the flavour name. This is not a Google font so it needs to be imported. You can do that through File > Import > Add Fonts.

After you typed the text, using pink and white from the palette, set the font size to 270 on the Appearance panel and rotate the text 4 degrees at the top right options.

You can convert the text to curves after that so it’s easier to work with it. To do that, select the text and Right click > Convert to Path.

Text details

Select the text, copy and paste it. Change the colour of the copies to a darker blue (#3DB6DB), and place the copies

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