How can your productivity be boosted with a note-taking app?

Nebo 2.4: How can your productivity be boosted with a note-taking app?

New year, new resolutions. For a good start to 2020, why don’t you try a note-taking app that will definitely boost your productivity by creating structured, professional notes.

The Nebo app comes with plenty of powerful features for you to go from rough notes to ready-to-share documents without ever retyping. You can stop spending time formatting your notes with regular keyboard-only word processors and start enjoying a more fluid and natural workflow thanks to these 10 key features.

1. Handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition is Nebo’s cornerstone and its most impressive feature. As you write with your digital pen, Nebo recognizes your input and can translate your text into digital characters. The app also supports 66 languages.

Benefit: There’s no need to retype handwritten notes and they’re easily searchable.

2. Keyboard + Pen

Whether you prefer to type or write, Nebo treats the two input methods equally and if needed, lets you jump between both while editing. You can edit existing text with the keyboard, whether it’s handwritten or converted. Or you can type your text and use the pen and editing gestures to format it.

Benefit: Write and manage your content in the way that feels right for you.

3. Interactive ink gestures

Join, break, scribble out. That’s how you’ll edit your content in Nebo. With these simple gestures you can split a sentence, insert a word, bring separate elements together or delete a whole paragraph. Both handwritten and converted text can be modified by using these simple pen strokes.

Benefit: Editing is quick, easy and intuitive.

4. Interactive diagrams

Diagrams are easy to draw and great for clarifying and mapping out fresh ideas. With Nebo, inspired by the whiteboard, we’ve made it easy to create, edit and share your diagrams in the digital space. You can move elements around while keeping the connectors in place as well as edit your text and shapes with the interactive ink gestures.

Benefit: The creation and editing process is quick and responsive, so you can present your projects in an impactful way.

5. Pictures

With Nebo, you can complement your notes with photos and images. A plan drawn on a note board by a colleague during a meeting can easily be captured with your device’s camera and integrated into your own notes. The less you have to rewrite and redraw, the better.

Benefit: Photos, screenshots and images can be integrated into your own notes, and are easy to annotate.

6. Draft section

Nebo’s Draft section gives you a space where you can jot down your ideas in a less structured manner. This is more of a thinking and creation space for faster note-taking where you can write down your ideas quickly. Once on the page, each element can be moved, resized, rearranged, and eventually integrated into a more structured final text, if needed.

Benefit: In Draft, your creativity can run wild yet still benefit from the powerful capabilities of MyScript’s Interactive Ink.

7. Straightforward interface

While Nebo offers a wide range of features, its user interface (UI) is specifically designed to prevent information overload. Features remain easy to find and maximum space is given to what matters, your writing.

Benefit: A refined interface making it easier to focus on the task in hand.

8. Global Search

Your notes are searchable on different levels: pages, notebooks, and collections. Whether what you are looking for is handwritten or converted, keywords entered into the search bar will bring up the

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