Nebo 2.5: Experience interactive note-taking for free

When we launched Nebo in 2016, we were proud to release a game-changing application in the world of digital note-taking. Thanks to our AI-based engine, Nebo was the first to understand ink instantly, and to treat it equally with any digital content.

We have come a long way since then. More and more devices now offer a pen compatibility and users acknowledge it makes them more effective, especially when it comes to note-taking. Today more than ever, we are confident that our unique technology powered by MyScript Interactive Ink is the most advanced on the market and revolutionizes the way you take notes. And we think that, in 2020, anyone should be able to discover the power of interactive ink.

That’s why we’ve decided to make Nebo downloadable for free.

Each and every one of you can experience what it’s like to write notes with interactive ink. Downloading Nebo for free will give you the opportunity to discover it and see for yourself that it can make your life so much easier. Write, type or dictate your notes, edit them with intuitive gestures, add diagrams or pictures, annotate them: Our interactive ink technology makes it all possible.

Once you are convinced by Nebo and its potential, and what it can do for your productivity, you will be able to upgrade to Nebo Pro via an in-app purchase. Thanks to Pro features, your notes will become searchable and easy to publish online. Export will be available in multiple formats and organizing your notebooks will be unlimited. In brief, integrating your notes into your digital workflow will be easier than ever.

We took on the challenge to let anyone experience note-taking with interactive ink. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. We will start by making Nebo 2.5 free on the App Store with an option to upgrade to Nebo Pro. And because we don’t want to restrict the free Nebo experience to iOS users, Nebo Pro features will also be available on a selection of Android and Windows devices, thanks to our partnerships with LG and Huawei.

If you were already a Nebo user, you will hardly notice a thing as you will automatically get the Pro status, including new features that you have been looking forward to:

– a personal dictionary to add custom words,

– a lasso to quickly & precisely select with your pen,

– a draft section to ideate freely in your pages.

Tell us what you think about Nebo 2.5: We look forward to reading your feedback! Whether you’re a long-time user or new to Nebo, discover how you can get the most of Nebo on and let us know how it improves your day to day work via Twitter or Facebook.

The journey is not over, great things are cooking in our Labs. Stay tuned for future updates and features!

From us to you,

The people at MyScript.




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