Extend your work system with 5 new partner blocks


Today, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve opened up our blocks platform to five trusted partners to create deeply integrated experiences that combine the power of Airtable with their respective products.

With these category-leading services available right inside your Airtable base as blocks, you’ll be able to expand your work system to incorporate even more powerful workflows and collaborate with more speed and agility than ever before.

Allow us to introduce our five newest blocks: Pexels, Formstack Documents, Miro, Typeform, and Loom.

Add free images to your base with Pexels

The Pexels photography community is more than 100,000 strong, and their collective creativity has built one of the world’s most diverse and unique collections of visual assets. With this block, you can instantly search Pexels’ extensive database of free, high-quality photos and add them directly to your Airtable base.

Rather than switching between multiple tools during your creative or editorial workflow, with the Pexels block, you can find assets directly in context for a faster and more streamlined experience. And with no account or setup required, finding the right image is as simple as searching right next to where your records are.

Here’s how Canva uses Pexels and Airtable together to save time in content workflows:

Automatically generate polished documents with Formstack

The Formstack Documents block allows you to leverage Formstack’s powerful document automation solution to generate polished, templated materials based on information in your Airtable base. From proposals and contract agreements to donor receipts or college student paperwork, with this integration you can use Airtable to create the flexible, custom systems you need to move work forward and trust Formstack Documents to generate beautiful documents. You can even save those documents directly back to your base.

Dissolve content silos and connect where your data resides with how you publish your information.

Let’s say you’re a nonprofit with a roster of members and donors that you keep in an Airtable base, along with a record of every donation they’ve made. With the Formstack Documents block, you can not only generate individual receipts and certificates of gratitude for each donation, but at the end of the year, you can roll up all those donations into a single cumulative receipt for tax purposes.

Ideate freely with Miro

With the Miro block, you can create or update a Miro board directly within your Airtable base. Miro’s online, collaborative whiteboards offer completely flexible, free-form tools for ideation, brainstorming, workflow-planning and more. By embedding your Miro boards within Airtable, you can combine the creative freedom and potency of unstructured planning with the power of structured information and workflows in Airtable.

No matter whether you’re editing in Airtable or Miro, all changes update in real-time, so you can collaborate with confidence. You can even leave notes for your teammates using sticky notes – just like you would at their desk.

The Miro block is especially useful for planning or visualizing the workflow your Airtable base contains. By using a Miro board to lay out the entire process first, you can then quickly and easily model the process with your base to turn it into action. You can even see who is collaborating on your base in real-time, whether they are in Airtable or Miro!

Create powerful, advanced forms with Typeform

The Typeform block allows you to create

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