Sweet Home 3D 6.3

Sweet Home 3D 6.3 was released on April 15, 2020 with some improvements and bug fixes described in version history.

Apparment with bow window demo redecorated by Véronique Puybaret

This version brings the following new features:

As the following animation shows, it’s now possible to reorder the selected items in the furniture list with a drag-and-drop, but only when the list is not ordered under a criterion. It’s also possible to drag and drop selected furniture out of a group or within a group.

To help you draw walls and rooms more precisely, some new temporary dimension lines are now drawn along a wall when you move its end points and around the room point that you move. The latter should be helpful to draw rooms using triangulation method.

The 3D view proposes the new Select object item in its contextual menu to let you select the object under the mouse cursor where you right clicked in the 3D view. When you press the Shift key, this menu item becomes Toggle selection and will toggle the selected state of the object under the cursor. Right clicking on a window pane will let you select the object behind the pane, so you’ll be able to select a window in the 3D view only if you click on its frame. Similarly, when walls and rooms are half transparent, clicking on them will let you select the objects behind the wall or the floor. Importing and using some 3D models made of repeated small parts, like some trees found on 3D Warehouse, will run much faster now. This improvement was made in  Sweet Home 3D JS Viewer too. It’s now possible to enter math expressions in editable plan tooltips and the maximum scale in the plan was increased (1 pixel can now be as small as 1 mm).

The version 6.3 fixes some bugs about the management of Sweet Home 3D window when it’s unmaximized.
It also fixes some computing issues on 3D polylines with very large coordinates and wall sides with a null length that could lead to buggy plans.

Finally, note that I tried to noterize Sweet Home 3D under macOS, but the Java Runtime Environment and Java 3D versions currently bundled with Sweet Home 3D prevented me to succeed the notarization process. Until these required pieces of software are updated, the first launch of Sweet Home 3D under macOS 10.15 must be done with the Open item in its contextuel menu although the application is correctly signed.

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