April 17: Recent bug fixes

A quick roundup of (relatively) recent performance-related bug fixes:

“Show Details” for email drafts 📝 — Clicking “show details” in email drafts that were composed from a contact card in your pipeline would show whatever last appeared in the sidebar, not the correct box information.

Blank messages in Mail Merge 📤 — If you hit “send” on a mail merge before Gmail saved the draft (which happens a few seconds after the last edit is made), you might send a blank email or an outdated draft to your recipients. We’ve fixed this issue, and we applaud you for getting those mail merges out quickly!

Blank screen after email compose 🖥️ — composing an email by clicking the envelope icon for a contact in your box view caused the Gmail window to go blank.

Empty reports dashboard 📊 — the reports dashboard wasn’t displaying reports for some users. Reports have been restored!

Error while importing organizations 🏢 — The importer tool was returning an error if “https://” was included at the beginning of an organization’s domain. We’ve resolved this issue so you can continue organizing your organizations.

Adding multiple emails to Streak 💌 — Selecting multiple emails in your inbox and clicking the Streak icon opened the new Home sidebar, rather than allowing you to add the emails to boxes.

Streak Upcoming loading 🔄 — If you don’t have any current tasks in Streak Upcoming, the sidebar would appear blank or continuous loading. We’ve fixed it so you can once again see your gloriously empty to-do list.

Searching for boxes in new pipelines 🔍 — boxes added to newly created pipelines were not appearing in search results, but we searched for and found a fix!

Call logs and meeting notes 📞 — we fixed two issues. First, pasting a long word or link into a log or note would cause the log or note window to right-align to the end of the word or link. Second, opening an existing call log or meeting note and starting the timer would start the time from 0:00, rather than continuing from the previous time.

Disappearing linked boxes 🔗 — we fixed an issue where moving a box to a new stage removed it’s linked boxes.

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