What Can MeisterTask’s Automations Do for You?

We at Meister are very proud of the fact that MeisterTask is intuitive, easy to use, and takes very little time to get started. However, MeisterTask is also capable of powerful things, such as automations, that can truly make your life easier and change the way you work. But to get the most out of automations — and therefore, MeisterTask itself —  you’d have to know exactly what they can do and how you can use them. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to unlock the power of MeisterTask. 

What Exactly Are Automations?

Automations are actions defined by you, that are then performed automatically by MeisterTask. That sounds a bit technical and a bit complicated, so let’s look at an example. 

Let’s say that in your workflow, you’ve got a section called Review. Each time a task makes it to Review, it should be assigned to your colleague John because he always looks over your work before it’s sent out. When you move your task over to Review, you have to remember to assign the task to John. With an automation, you don’t have to remember to do that anymore. You can set it up so that any task moved into Review is automatically assigned to John. You define the action, MeisterTask auto-magically takes care of it. 

Why Use Them?

At first glance, automations might seem like just another technical thing to figure out. Never fear, they are extremely easy to set up and the benefits far outweigh the very little time it takes to get to know them. 

The most obvious advantage of using automations is saving time. It might not seem like a lot of time, but imagine how many actions you can automate, and then multiply that by how many times those actions are performed throughout the day by you and your team. And this time saved isn’t only about increasing efficiency, it’s also about reducing menial work. And, in my experience, less menial work means happier workers.   

Along with saving time, you’ll also increase consistency in your work. You won’t have to rely on your busy brain to remember to assign that task or track that time. You simply tell MeisterTask once what you want to happen, and it will always get done, without fail. The increase in consistency also leads to better teamwork and collaboration. It is impossible for anyone to drop the ball on these little things if MeisterTask is the one taking care of them. Tasks will find their way to where they need to go, reaching the right project board and/or assignee even across teams. 

Last but not least, and my favorite motivation for using automations, they are just plain convenient. If I don’t have to be responsible for updating a task’s status or tag, then hallelujah, I can go back to worrying about everything else I have to do. Ready to see how they work?

Which Automations Are Available?

In this section, I’ll go through the automations one-by-one, explaining a few situations in which you might want to use them, as well as how to set them up. If you’re looking for information about recurring tasks, I’ve put that at the very bottom because they are super special and I like to save the best for last!

All the

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