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With schools closed during the coronavirus lockdown, teachers are expected to continue teaching from home. This new reality of distance learning creates new challenges that most teachers have never faced before. All of a sudden, teachers are required to become online streamers, content creators, and video editors on top of being educators.

Long before the coronavirus crisis, CyberLink has helped teachers and students alike with discounts for educators and licensing for schools. In this time of crisis, CyberLink is working hard to develop tools for students and educators to continue their education in these unprecedented times. We’re here with resources and support for teachers to create an impactful online learning environment during home isolation and social distancing.

One of the most powerful tools for successful online learning is video content – more specifically short, concise video lessons. The videos can be as simple as an instructor in front of a webcam speaking directly to the audience or as familiar as an instructor in front of a whiteboard as in a traditional classroom setting. With video, it’s even possible to use a screen recording of a computer desktop displaying learning materials – a virtual classroom can be as dynamic or simple as you’d like! But keep in mind – some experts say effective educational videos should be short, no more than 6 to 9 minutes. Attention spans can be limited especially while learning remotely so brief videos are recommended!

With PowerDirector you can both record video and capture screencasts for online lesson videos as well as use the software to edit them all together. To make it sound perfect, AudioDirector lets you record, edit, mix and filter your audio so it’s crisp and clear for your audience to hear. Additionally, CyberLink is offering both of these software programs free to download. You can download PowerDirector and AudioDirector at these links!

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Before we get too far ahead of ourselves let’s review the principles and process of making an effective online lesson video for distance learning.

Here is a simple guideline to follow:

Preparation – Planning is key! Be sure to write a detailed outline and script to make sure your lesson is cohesive and coherent before you start. Capture and Record – Gather and create the content of your lesson. This means video clips, screen captures, audio, and any other resources you’d like to add. There are even lots of stock resources included for 365 subscribers to supplement your production. Edit – Refine your lesson video before sending it out. Be sure to trim out anything unnecessary and that your information is in a coherent sequence and flows from idea to idea. Publish – Share it with your students! Publish it on your favorite video platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, or perhaps a private server.
Preparation – Write a detailed outline and script

As a teacher you are no doubt used to lesson plans. For an online class video, it’s just as important if not more. With all of the different elements available to editing video lessons, it can be easy to get carried away. Remember, it’s best to keep it short and concise. We recommend that you write a detailed outline and a script to make sure your lesson flows well and the information is presented just as in

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