Fact-Checking the Top 9 Reasons Not to Use MeisterTask for Your Trade Business

Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, carpenters, masons, welders, tradespeople of all kinds — we’ve heard your concerns about switching to a digital tool to manage your tasks, and we’re here to address them. One by one, we’ll present a case against the most common thoughts expressed by tradespeople when asked why they don’t use an online task management tool. 

There is authenticity and value in the saying, “we have always done it this way!” With this attitude, you preserve the quality and integrity of your product and trade. And, thankfully, using an online task management tool will not change those things because your processes, methods and techniques will remain intact. What MeisterTask will do is help you visualize your work, collaborate with ease and complete tasks as efficiently as possible. To prove that, here are our responses to the top nine worries we’ve heard. 

1. “MeisterTask can’t handle the workflow of my trade!”

No matter the workflow, MeisterTask can handle it. One of the best parts about MeisterTask is exactly how customizable the workflows are. You can create as many sections as you need to represent all the steps in your workflow. Doing this takes just a few minutes. If you aren’t sure how best to set up your workflow, take a look at this article on getting started with MeisterTask as a small business

Have several workflows for different people or teams? Simply create a project for each of them. If those workflows should be connected, moving tasks between projects is a piece of cake. You can do it yourself, or you can set the project boards up so that tasks move automatically. This is only one of the many time-saving automations possible in MeisterTask.

2. “But I take care of processes and workflows so others don’t have to see them.”

Letting your employees get down to business and focus on their work is always a good idea. And being transparent with your workflow won’t stop that. When everyone on the team is able to see what’s happening with tasks, they are better able to gauge when they can work on certain things. They also don’t have to constantly ask others for updates or get frustrated that things aren’t moving along as quickly as expected. Instead, they can simply pick something else to work on. 

In this way, you, your employees and therefore your business will operate more efficiently without much extra effort at all. In addition to internal benefits, you can also be open and transparent with clients, if you so choose. When you invite them to view your project board, they can see the progress themselves, and you can spare yourself hours on the phone updating clients one by one. Projects also have privacy settings as well as roles and permissions that allow for certain parts of your work to remain on a need-to-know basis. Making sure the right people get the right information quickly and easily is just a matter of putting the right setup in place. 

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Learn more 3. “It will be too hard to implement!”

It’s time for a bold statement: With MeisterTask there is nothing to implement. Unlike desktop programs, there is no installation — MeisterTask is web-based.

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