Taking Contours further

You & rsquo; re not limited to only the default shape when constructing shapes in Affinity apps. In this article, we’ll explore ways in which you are able to adjust present shapes, or turn them into something entirely.

Interesting with triangles

Let’s start little. Together with our Triangle Tool busy, we could drag out and generate a fundamental triangle shape.

Equilateral triangle

Depending on your shape’s height and width, you are able to make an equilateral or isosceles triangle just.

Isosceles and triangles.

Like a scalene, if your design requires a different type of triangle, pick your shape and drag the red handle to correct the angle of the top tip of the triangle.

Scalene triangle.

The angle is visible and may be rearranged from the context toolbar.

By dragging the point that is very best all the way over into the left-hand side of the box, we have a triangle.

Right-angled triangle.

Fixing a trapezoid

When you produce a trapezoid using the Trapezoid Tool, it’s going to have two red handles.


These may be adjusted to alter the angle of the trapezoid’s sides.

Modified trapezoid

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