Prusament PC Blend – our new filament for highly durable 3D prints!

We are excited to announce that the lineup of our in-house produced filaments – the Prusament – has been expanded with a new material! Besides the well-known PLA, PETG, and ASA, we now also offer a new material called PC Blend (PolyCarbonate). PC Blend is perfect for stronger, more durable 3D prints.

Polycarbonates are a group of plastics that are known for their strength, mechanical durability, toughness, and temperature resistance. They are commonly used for the production of CDs, protective goggles and car headlights.

The composition of pure polycarbonate is not especially suitable for 3D printing. It adheres very poorly to the print sheet and due to its high thermal expansion, it has a tendency to deform and crack. This is why we put a lot of effort into the development of the new product. We have introduced carefully-picked additives into the mix, improving the adhesion and reducing cracking and warping, while still maintaining the excellent properties of polycarbonate. The result is our new Prusament PC Blend.

PolyCarbonate Blend specifics

Before we dig deeper into the properties of Prusament PC Blend, we should point out that this material is particularly suitable for advanced users. If you are new to 3D printing, you should definitely stick to PLA. PC Blend is recommended for experienced 3D printer owners looking for tough, durable material for production of prototypes and functional parts and thermally and mechanically stressed components.

Available colors and price

PC Blend is a material suitable for the production of prototypes and mechanical parts – this is why its visual side isn’t as important as, for example, with PLA. This is why we’re offering a smaller selection of colors: black (Jet Black), grey (Urban Grey) and natural white (Natural). All Prusament materials are made with extreme precision and above-industry standards (diameter tolerance of +- 0,03 mm) and all spools are perfectly wound. PC Blend is available on standard 1kg spools for 49.99 USD/EUR (VAT incl.).

Print sheet preparation

Prusament PC Blend can be printed on both smooth and textured print sheets. However, spreading a separating agent on the sheet before you start printing is required. Otherwise, the adhesion of the print may be too strong. The easiest way to prepare your print sheet is to apply a thin layer of paper glue onto the sheet. This is why we include a paper glue stick (KORES) with every PC Blend spool, free of charge. Failing to add a separating layer may lead to damage to your print sheet! While our documentation states that it’s not necessary to apply glue to the powder-coated textured print sheet, the PC Blend is an exception. Do not use the glue when printing with other materials (PLA, PETG, ASA, Flex and others)!

After you finish printing and remove the object from the print sheet, use isopropyl alcohol to clean the print sheet thoroughly! Avoid cleaning the textured sheet with water – this may lead to corrosion.

Suitable 3D printers

Compared to other PolyCarbonate filaments, our Prusament PC Blend is relatively easy to work with and the pre-print preparations are still quite simple. The recommended temperatures for nozzle and heatbed are 275 ± 10 °C  (527 ±18 °F) and 110 ± 10 °C (230 ±18 °F) respectively. This means that all of our printers,

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