Recap of our measures during the Covid-19 pandemic

It’s been nearly two months since my article about the Coronavirus pandemic and preemptive measures we took in Prusa Research. During these two months, we learned how to live with face masks, how to keep our work pace with all the new statewide regulations, and above all: how to stay safe. And we managed to donate more than 130.000 face shields to frontline staff.

In the past weeks, I met an incredible number of wonderful people and amazing companies, helping unanimously in these dark times – many truly inspiring individuals and firms. And I’ve been asked many times about the precautions we took in Prusa Research – there were websites which mentioned us in the news and we published this blog post about safety measures. Over time, we got more questions and I see why – not everyone can dedicate an entire team of people for research of precautions and measures like we did.

A good pointer for me is my dad, who has a furniture store in a small town not far from Prague – this allows me to see how smaller local companies handle things. It’s a slightly different world. After all, we’ve got people from all over the world in Prusa Research – from the USA to Asia. So I decided to sum up everything we learned over the past few months, look back at what we have already done and share what’s next for Prusa Research. We’re, of course, no epidemiologists, all our precautions and measures are based on information shared by experts.

I work with the assumption that this will be a marathon, not just a few days of discomfort. In other words: I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. Please, everyone, no matter where you live and work: be cautious. It may look like the virus is less threatening nowadays and there’s nothing stopping us from getting back to our regular lives, but this may take a sudden turn for the worse again. Keep a safe distance from others, wear a face mask inside buildings and in public transport and avoid places with a large concentration of people. In some countries, the second wave of COVID19 is already a reality. We know very little about the virus and its long-term effects. I hope I’m wrong and the situation won’t be as bad, but it’s much better to be prepared.

This is why it’s important to set rules that are sustainable in the long run. In other words, and pardon the expression: they’re not a pain in the butt 🙂 Nobody is going obey strict authoritative commands for long, though. Including me 🙂

So there’s a general rule for everything we do here: it’s very important to tell people WHY they are required to do certain things. “Because I said so” is the wrong answer. When we put several precautions into effect weeks before the pandemic started, people understood why it’s happening and nobody thought we’re doing unnecessary fuss about the situation.

We divided the measures into three categories:

How to keep COVID19 away from the company How to prevent COVID19 from spreading in the company How to help our team against the infection outside How to keep COVID19 away from the company Body temperatures measurements

Something really basic, but very important

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