May 21: Recent bug fixes

Our eng team has been busy fixing and polishing Streak! Here’s a detailed write up of recent fixes and UI polish.

Mail merge fixes 📬We fixed a bug that occasionally caused mail merges to either fail with or without a 400 error.We fixed a bug that caused a mail merge to get stuck while sending and never complete.Sidebar fixes ➡️The sidebar was occasionally getting stuck loading — showing the never-ending spinner of doom.The Streak sidebar wasn’t opening to show pipeline information when viewing emails shared by your team.Mobile fixes 📱Using Streak contact cards to begin a call and send it to your phone was not working. We’ve got you back to smiling and dialing.Shortcut fixes ⚡When looking at a box, some keyboard shortcuts weren’t working.When searching for contacts in our command palette, we prompted you for the name of a box, rather than a person.Other bug fixes 🔧We fixed an invariably frustrating issue where saving a new snippet with variables didn’t actually save the variables for future use.You may have seen a prompt to “share your version” of an email that was already added to a box. Clearly we love sharing — but we’ve fixed this issue.We fixed an issue where formula columns were endlessly calculating your formulas.Reports for “Stage Entrances and Exits” were double counting box movement if the box was assigned to more than one team member.Toggling off visibility for stage changes wasn’t “sticking” — and you saw those stage changes whether you liked it or not. This has been fixed.UI touchup 💅A dancing “+” button in stage header rows wasn’t quite the kind of “happy dance” we like to see — and is now fixed.This one is for all the pixel counters out there 🔍. We fixed an issue where the name of a stage would jump a few pixels to the left when you collapsed the stage in your pipeline.When creating a new snippet, inputs for the snippet name, shortcut code, and sharing were misaligned.We fixed an issue where the top of the formula column editor could be cut off if your columns were too narrow — which prevented you from finding help with formulas!If you have the Loom extension installed — you may have lost some shadow styling for drop-down menus in Streak. Talk about throwing shade.

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