Grab a GIF (and a Mask!) for Your Next Customer Safety Update

With cities and states changing COVID-related mask and occupancy requirements daily, small businesses need to keep the communication flowing to update their customers on what to expect. Now is the time to send emails, text messages and social posts to inform your customers of any changes, such as: They are…Read More

Learn how to tell your stories in real-time 3D

Our new course, Real-Time Animated Storytelling, is designed to help artists learn how to use Unity’s fast and powerful suite of cinematic tools for animation. As a storyteller, you want to immerse people in a world of your own making. As an artist, you want to experiment and play, and…Read More

[Podcast] Digital Marketing + Brand Vision = Business Success

Having a deep understanding of the core business and a well-defined brand are the keys to success for any company, says Ric Jara, a digital marketing entrepreneur in the greater Los Angeles area. In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, Jara explains how he built his…Read More

House of Design Brings Manufacturing Back to the USA

As a kid watching the animated sitcom The Jetsons, Ryan Okelberry found the idea of robots and other whimsical devices doing pretty much everything, including combing hair and brushing teeth, very cool. These days, as COO of one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the country, he and fellow mechanical…Read More

The 6 Best platforms to learn more about WPS Office

Since WPS Office has realized the importance of the role of social media plays in order to fully engaging with users, We have established our official accounts on those mainstream social media and try our best to create high-quality content that appeals to you, our loyal customers, the most. Our…Read More

Winning designs- June’s Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design Contest

From spa-worthy bathrooms to elegant kitchen designs, we saw some amazing spaces throughout June’s Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design Contest. Join us in congratulating the finalists on their award-winning designs. Grand Prize Winner: Giuseppe Rispoli Giuseppe’s master bathroom design entry was inspired by his wife to reflect her timeless beauty. The…Read More

Why CRMs Fail and It’s Time to Transition to CXM

When Siebel Systems first pioneered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in 1997, it was a noble effort. The premise was simple, and, similar to other mid-90’s tech innovations like PalmPilots and DVD players, it evolved quickly over time. Thomas Siebel’s goal was to create a single, centralized location that contains…Read More

Mike Patey: SIMULIAworks is “the Coolest Software Ever.” Here’s Why

I think it’s true that many of us have a ‘dream job’ or ‘dream career.’ For some of us, it’s the place where our thoughts go when we’re daydreaming. For others, it’s an active pursuit. And, of course, some of us already have that ‘dream job’ or ‘dream career’ I’ve…Read More