Twisted Brushes: the Newest Affinity brush collection from Neil Ladkin

Creative manager Neil Ladkin has released some of his own tools into the Affinity Store. Specialising in photo manipulation and digital art, Neil has years of business experience which he currently shares with us in this unique brush collection.

Neils collection ‘Twisted Brushes’ is your perfect aesthetic for a addition to your design jobs, or a unique brush stroke to your art jobs. With lettering for packaging or posters, they group flawlessly and paired with photos make for a mind bending experience!

Each brush may be utilised with mind blowing and sudden effects that were multi-coloured making each brush entirely unique. Applying these brushes is a experimental and enjoyable experience, certain to spark your creativity.

See some of the brushes in action

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Neil says…

I had the idea for the Twisted brush pack when I experimented with Affinity’s fresh engine that is multi-brush. I thought it would be cool to have the ability to lay single strokes of colour which ultimately seemed like pictures down, so I started to make a brush pack.

I wanted the brushes to sense fresh and different to anything something which could exploit the chances of the multi-brush engine in an original way. I think these brushes allow you to add immediate style and thickness to a graphic or digital art project with one stroke, and do just that.

“I believed it would be cool to be able to lay down strokes of colour that appeared like rdquo & pictures;

Whats included?

42 Raster brushes–optimized for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer Pixel Personameans it is possible to use them in Affinity Publisher in Photo and Designer StudioLink. Perfect on iPad and Desktop.


  • Insert 3D looking elements to your graphic design and photographs with the stroke of a brush.
  • Produce abstract backgrounds for magazine, poster and other print-based projects.
  • Create wild packaging layouts with numerous brush strokes to make a unique surface pattern design.
  • Combine decoration and Twisted Brushes for a contemporary look.
  • Try using the brushes in various colours, you’ll be surprised by the results you get!
  • Produce brush strokes on various layers and employ Gaussian Blur, or other blue effects to the background strokes to make an awareness of focal depth.
  • Pair Twisted Brushes with pictures –attempt developing a new layer over your photo and use your Twisted Brushes, then experiment with Blend Modes to combine your brush strokes with your photo in unusual ways.

Where can I contact the epic brush pack?

Twisted Brushes by Neil Ladkin is currently available to buy on the Affinity shop.

Purchase now

Concerning the founder

Neil continues to be instrumental in both creation and the concept of the Affinity Programs, also is the creative director of Serif. Neil, an all-round creative star is at home in the manager ’as he’s getting his hands dirty creating digital artwork, s chair.

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