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Hello. Do I place publicly on things of the world, but this weekend that the entire world shifted … again. 

Below is a message I sent to the business Sunday morning. So you know we & rsquo; re considering recent events at Unity, I & rsquo;d like to share it using the Unity community.

In honor of #BlackOutTuesday, we’re Tail all social media today, and have pushed all news announcements before next week.  

We’re not in anything approaching a standard time. I find I wake up these last couple days feeling disappointed sad, and angry . We’fared better than this.

What happened last week in Minneapolis is just dreadful. It shouldn’t have happened. It appears the consequence of decades of inattention into racism and lack of security for the Black community. As a nation, and possibly as a world, we’ve never even begun to tackle the tough issues that make these dreadful incidents possible, and regrettably, all too regular.   

I know we all stand in solidarity with George Floyd, his family, and for those who have suffered a similar fate previously.

Disappointed, sad, angry. We are better than this.

I’m certain that many of you feel exactly the same. Feeling stressed, and betrayed with this happening again this episode is going to be swept under the rug of history. 

But, I think we could do something. To begin with, we could reach out inside of Unity. Reach out to discuss it. Consider joining one of Unity’s Employee Resource Groups as ally and a member or supporter. You can also make use of some of Unity&rsquo. At we Unity & rsquo; ve found apps on Inclusion and Diversity. And, of them, Respect and Empathy are crucial when we’re going through a period of catastrophe. I know we’re dedicated to ensuring that happens at Unity, in the ideal way. We’ll be setting up meetings this week to provide a place for people to talk, and find service. 

I wish I did. As you input I’ve got one request: A moment of recognition and silence for George Floyd and for those who endured a similar fate previously. And, as you go about your week inside of Unity, take an extra moment to be sure to show the compassion and respect each of our coworkers deserve.


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