Essential Photo modifiers to Get an Immediate productivity boost

Use rsquo & Affinity Photo;therefore modifier keys allows you to alter the look of brush strokes, fine-tune your selections, and pick out colors from your image.

With rsquo & Affinity Photo; s modifier keys, you can get extra tool settings on the move, enabling you to make adjustments as you operate.

Altering brush strokes

Let’s start with the brush resources.

Brush stroke.

A simple trick for changing your brush tools is to press the Ctrl and Choice keys (Mac) or Ctrl + right-click + haul (Windows). This will reveal hardness preferences and your brush width.

Brush width and hardness.

By clicking and dragging to the right, we can boost the width of the brush. By dragging and clicking to the left, on the flip side, we can decrease the width.

Brush width increasing and decreasing.

Clicking and dragging up decreases the brush’s hardness, while clicking and dragging increases down the brush&rsquo.

Brush hardness increasing and decreasing.

Along with this, we can toggle the brush settings to make additional tweaks . A click displays the spacing and shape options instead of the brush width and hardness.

Brush spacing and shape.

Dragging today decreases the shape of the brush. Dragging directly increases the shape of this brush.

Shape increasing and decreasing.

Dragging up decreases the spacing, while the spacing decreases.

Spacing increasing and decreasing.

Another single click toggles the preferences now revealing the Rotation setting.

Brush rotation.

Colour choosing

When using a brush tool, you can use the Alt crucial to pick up color as you proceed.

Colour picking.

Fine pruning collections

With a selection tool active and a choice made, it is simple to tweak your choice by pressing Choice and dragging (Mac), or by pressing Alt and dragging (on Windows).

Fine tuning selections.

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