Nebo 2.6 is here, and it’s inspired by you

Our users are always central to our thinking. In the lead-up to Nebo 2.6, we made a deliberate decision to act upon your insights. We set out to fine-tune the Nebo experience according to some of your most common requests, which meant aiming for evolution, not revolution. The result was a series of updates, culminating in Nebo 2.6, that enhance our app in three key areas: accessibility, versatility and productivity.

Customizing text display to improve comfort and accessibility

When dealing with something as individual as handwriting, personalization is vital. This is why we recently introduced our Dictionary feature, which lets you ‘teach’ Nebo custom words and technical jargon. It’s also why Nebo 2.6 offers new text display options.

By way of example, our research showed that those writing by hand in Latin scripts (for example, in English or French) generally prefer a 0.8–1cm (1/3–2/5 inch) line height. Chinese users tend to choose a 1.2cm (1/2 inch) line height. Something subtle like line height can have an outsize impact on handwriting comfort, which in turn affects productivity and enjoyment. Nebo 2.6 lets you define your line height on a given device, using a specific pen and according to your personal preference. You can also now choose the base font size for converted text.

Personalized text display makes reading and writing more comfortable for everyone, but it also helps open up Nebo to the visually impaired. We’ve got some way to go before the app is universally accessible, but we’re confident we’re moving in the right direction.

Enhancing versatility with new gestures, smarter lists and indents

Nebo 2.6 also makes it easier for you to create notes your way, adding new gestures and formatting options to help structure your content.

Nebo is unique among note-taking apps in its responsiveness: whether handwritten, converted, typed or dictated, your text reflows automatically as you rearrange content on the page. We’ve enhanced this for Nebo 2.6, allowing you to move text blocks via simple drag-and-drop without first creating extra space. You can also now use a two-finger long-press gesture to add or remove vertical space.

One of the top three features requested by our users was enhanced handling of lists and indents, and Nebo 2.6 delivers. With the latest update, the app detects multi-level lists automatically. You can create bulleted and numbered lists, and we’ve made sure that the new indentation options work with regular text as well as list items.

Stay productive and secure with instant backups

Ultimately, Nebo is about getting things done. For the Nebo team, boosting efficiency means closing the gap between your ideas and their expression on the digital page. But it also means reducing risk, so that you can focus on working, not worrying.

We know your notes are precious, and that losing them simply isn’t an option. That’s why we recently introduced a swift, secure backup function that lets you save your entire library in just a couple of taps.

To back up your notes, visit Settings > Backup > Back up library and choose where to store your backup file. If the worst happens, just tap Restore from backup and enjoy that sweet relief! Your notes are safe.

Stay in touch…

So that’s the news from us.

We hope that our latest update proves both productive and enjoyable to use — and ensures that Nebo remains your favourite ‘ideas assistant’.

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