10 best computer science edutainment games!

Codingame.com (multiplayer)

There are lots of multiplayer games categorized as bot programming, code golf and optimization.

A great game to start is the racing game Coders Strike Back. It all starts with a simple step by step tutorial to start your first race against a bot. After completion, your code is ready for real players in your league! As you advance, you will reach higher leagues with more features like distances and angles available. I love this point a lot, because it’s a fair system to ensure equal conditions to the challengers.

Let’s have a look at another less visual but yet great gamified multiplayer coding challenge: Clash of Code.

“Clash of Code” got me really hooked. Within a 15 minute time, you’re competing against other players from different countries on a given challenge. There are 3 game modes:

Fastest – Complete the challenge as fast as possible. Shortest – Complete the challenge with lowest code size possible. Reverse – Guess what you have to do by observing the test sets.

Spoiler: In the picture below you can see how I solved a recent clash.

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