June 2020 Product Update – What’s New


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New! Profile name is now your avatar or initials

Your profile access point is located in the top-right corner of Fusion 360

Some of you with eagle-eyes will notice that we’ve updated how your profile name is displayed. Previously you’ll see your first name and last name in the top-right corner of Fusion 360. We’ve updated this to show your profile picture (if you’ve uploaded one previously) or your first and last name initials. If you hover over your avatar, it’ll display your full name. This is one step closer to a more consistent experience between Fusion Team and Fusion 360.

New! Fusion 360 now available in Italian and French

Profile > Preferences > General > User language

A few of you got a little sneak peek at this in the last update, but now it’s official – Fusion 360 is now available in French and Italian. You can select the language you want to run in by going to the Your Profile avatar > Preferences > General, and select the appropriate language under User language. Restart Fusion 360 and it should be in the language you’ve picked.

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Issues Fixed – Click to expand

We received reports from some of you stating that pressing the Tab key or selecting by size while the Draft Analysis command was active caused Fusion 360 to lock up. This definitely shouldn’t happen, and now it won’t happen again.
We fixed an issue where the data panel was scaling incorrectly for some of you, making it incredibly frustrating to navigate and use. It had to do with some legacy code not playing well with recent code changes. This issue is now fixed.
If you close Fusion 360 with pending uploads, you’ll see a reminder that you’ve got data still being uploaded, and that you can cancel or quit. What became annoying was that this dialog appeared on top of all the other windows you have open. Thanks Vmenonsandeep for the heads up!
Mah6786 reported an issue where Fusion 360 became unstable when Save Copy As was used to save as or export the design into another project folder. We took a look at the code and while debugging it we found that the Save Copy As functionality was making wonky calls. We told it to stop and now it’s working fine. When working with multiple monitors, especially if you have your screens stacked one on top of each other, accessing the workspace switcher will pop the menu open upward (if you have Fusion 360 running on the bottom screen), making it difficult to see all the workspaces. Now the menu always drops downward.

New! Edit-in-Place now out-of-preview

When hovering over an inserted referenced part in the browser, click on the Edit in Place icon

Back in March of 2020, we announced that Edit-in-Place was going to be available to try in Fusion 360 as preview functionality. After listening to your feedback, refining the experience, and ironing out the kinks, we’re glad to report that Edit-in-Place is now officially out of preview and available for you to use in your design workflows.

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