3 ways to bridge the DevOps gap between tools and teams

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Picture this: you’ve landed in a Development team that practices DevOps religiously (or maybe you’re even leading one!). But despite spending hours integrating your tools and reading your edition of the Phoenix Project, you still feel like there’s something missing. While your tools may be talking to one another, your team members still aren’t.

The thing is, DevOps tools need to go hand-in-hand with DevOps’ ways of working. In a recent survey, we found that while 90% of teams have seen success from DevOps practices, there’s a large gap between between upper management and team sentiment, with culture being one of the top complaints

We hate to break it but there is no short-cut to a DevOps culture in your organization. Internally at Atlassian, we live by the mantra “DevOps isn’t bought, it’s built,” in our own journey to balance tools and people.

But in our 15 years of experience, our team has discovered time-tested ways to get to better collaboration and communication with less frustration. We’re excited to share some of these resources to help developers build world-class DevOps practices within their own teams.

Atlassian has had a front-row seat to the DevOps movement over the last two decades. Straight from our experience instilling DevOps values into Atlassian and from watching our customers do it, we built a resources hub that breaks down building a strong DevOps culture into actionable steps.

Consider this a one-stop shop for guidance and advice, regardless of where your team is in your DevOps journey. In our resources hub, you’ll find:

DevOps guides that explain how to connect Jira with your development tools and how to integrate industry best practices like CI/CD. Team plays to assist your team with defining roles and responsibilities or running a retrospective Tried-and-true Confluence template to assess DevOps rituals, identify opportunities for improvement, and set long-term goals. Learn and discuss with peers in our DevOps community

And while we’re excited to share our own knowledge through our resources hub, we also know there’s so much to learn from our customers. Earlier this month, we launched the Atlassian DevOps Community, a forum for those looking to share and learn about all things DevOps.

Open to anyone, the DevOps Community is a place for development and operations teams to exchange ideas, tips, and insights, whether it’s about tools or practices.

Be sure to bookmark the DevOps Community and check back regularly to see exclusive AMAs with thought leaders. Our very own Matt Ryall, Head of Product for DevOps, hosted one on all things DevOps earlier this month – check out how it went here.

Discover the major trends in the DevOps world with our report

Lastly, we’ve launched our first-ever DevOps survey report to give the market a sense of where DevOps stands today and where it’s going in the future.

This survey of 500 professionals gauged their success in bringing DevOps to their organization, including the barriers they faced, and the impact of tools and culture on their work. Wherever you are on your DevOps journey, the findings from the survey can provide a

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