8 Reasons to use RoomSketcher Along with Matterport

3D virtual tours from Matterport are generating plenty of buzz in the real estate world. With Matterport, you walk a property with a Matterport camera, or your iPhone/iPad, and create a really cool virtual tour. But what if the property has old furniture, peeling or marred paint, or a poor floor plan layout? We have good news for you: you can use digital floor plan software like RoomSketcher to supplement and update what you get from Matterport.

What is Matterport?

Matterport has made it easy to create a real-life 3D virtual tour of the real estate property. Your tour will show the existing features of the property, such as the walls, flooring, wall color, furniture, etc. Your resulting Matterport Space (also called a 3D Tour or Digital Twin) will look something like this:

In addition to the tour, you can purchase a schematic floor plan of the property as it is. The standard 2D floor plan is black & white with room dimensions and approximate total area, like this one from the Matterport web site:

How Can I use RoomSketcher with Matterport?

What if the home is in need of renovation? Or if you want to visualize a different floor plan layout? With floor plan software like RoomSketcher, you can actually take the floor plan you get from Matterport, and edit it yourself to suit your client needs.

Check out these 8 benefits of using RoomSketcher along with a Matterport space when marketing your real estate property:

1. Use Color to Make Your 2D Floor Plans Stand Out

Go from the plain Matterport black & white floor plan to easy-to-understand customized 2D Floor Plans. Some of our favorite ideas:

Show the various floor types and colors, like hardwood or cement Use color to indicate room types, such as blue for a bathroom and grey for a patio Make your walls and doors stand out in color Add colored text such as room names, notes, entry arrows, and more in virtually any color

Take this plain black & white floor plan…

… and add flooring! Choose from varying shades of hardwood, tile, cement, and more.

Or, easily indicate room types by setting all similar type rooms the same color.

2. Create Beautiful 3D Floor Plans

Color looks great on 3D Floor Plans as well. Add furniture in any color or style you want, color the walls, change out the flooring. Customize your 3D Floor Plan to get the exact look you want. Some of our favorite ideas:

If the existing property has a less-than-stylish color scheme, update it to show the potential Create a more consistent look Choose a new color for the walls to make them stand out Match the furniture to your brand colors

3. Add, Change or Move Furniture on Your Floor Plans

Matterport’s standard 2D floor plan schematics show walls and standard built-in features. This is great, but it can be difficult for buyers to visualize the potential of the property. Help them out by adding furniture, fixtures, appliances, and much more.

Go from this black and white floor plan…

To professional 2D and 3D Floor Plans with furniture in any custom layout you choose.

Matterport’s standard 3D Floor Plans include furniture. But maybe you want to show a 3D

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