Android design and performance improvements

Our goal is to make our mobile app an extension of Streak CRM so you can take your work anywhere — whether that’s visiting a client or stepping out of your home office for some quiet time. We’ve all been there, so head outside for a walk or find a quiet corner to hide out — these updates help you get work done away from your desk.

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UI and design updates 🎨

We carried over icons and styling from our desktop version for more continuity — which means you can switch back and forth without missing a beat. The new tab navigation at the bottom of the app home screen lets you quickly view your pipelines, check in on your to-do list, or search for items in Streak.

Viewing stages in a list allows you to quickly drill down to boxes that need attention.

Create new boxes and find information faster 📦

Create new boxes and fill in box details in one step to more efficiently add data on the go.

Emails in your box timeline now display recipient and subject details, letting you quickly scan through recent conversations with your contacts.

Improved contacts search 🔍

You can now search for your contacts on mobile using the search tab in the home screen, as well as viewing contacts in your boxes.

View box details for your tasks ☑️

Check out your tasks and see which boxes they’re associated with in Streak Upcoming.

Improved menu options 🏷️

Entries for the “assigned to” field and tag columns are now alphabetically sorted and have a filter field, so you can find things faster on a smaller screen.

We’re always looking to improve Streak and would love to hear your feedback on the updated Android app — drop us a line in the comments to let us know what you think!

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