WPS Office partners with UNESCO to promote the equitable development of education


To contribute to the achievement of the “Education 2030” goal and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of “Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning for all”, WPS Office held a signing ceremony with the UNESCO-ICHEI (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-International Centre for Higher Education Innovation) on June 23.

The ceremony was held to announce the establishment of the International Institute of Online Education (IIOE), a charitable joint initiative of the two parties that works to improve access to and the quality of higher education in developing countries in Africa and Asia.

Speaking to the media, Li Ming, Director of the UNESCO-ICHEI, said, “WPS Office has a very wide global user base and good brand recognition”. Adding, “We are very much looking forward to working with WPS Office to jointly promote the application of ICT in higher education in developing and less developed countries in Africa and Asia, and to promote global internationalization, especially in these countries.”

This non-profit cooperation mainly consists of office software for Smart Classrooms, online WPS Office course resources, as well as online and offline teacher training at the IIOE.

Building an office resource platform together
Under the cooperation agreement, WPS Office will be officially stationed at UNESCO’s IIOE. WPS Office courses will be integrated into the global educational resource platform to provide public, non-profit assistance to aid with the development of higher education in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions.

WPS Office will contribute to the promotion of the use of ICT in higher education, as well as enhancing the access to and quality of higher education in Asian and African developing and less developed countries. This will be achieved by launching a dedicated WPS Office Academy page at the International Institute of Online Education (IIOE), which will contain videos from the Office course series.

Creating “Smart Classroom” through the donation of office software

Beyond that, WPS Office will also freely provide WPS Office software for UNESCO’s “Smart Classrooms” set up locally in Asia and Africa. Offline smart classrooms and the online IIOE will both be supported by WPS Office software and educational resources, which will provide strong technical support.

WPS Office continues to invest in public services
WPS Office is incredibly passionate about public services, with a long-term focus on the education market. In May of this year, WPS launched the “Online Classroom” activity using the “Meeting” function of WPS Office. This helped 4,200 teachers and 60,000 students in 54 primary and secondary schools to start “remote” online lessons using the “online teaching” mode. In addition to this, WPS Office also launched the “WPS College” module in the terminal, providing a more convenient and effective tutorial portal for users.

In order to help developing countries in the Asia-Pacific and African regions further improve the levels of ICT in education, as well as to expand access to and upgrade the quality of higher education in Asian and African developing countries, WPS Office has chosen to partner with UNESCO-ICHEI. There is a desire to apply the experience and skills of mature professionals and use technology to create a better teaching and learning environment for teachers and students in the Asia and Africa regions, and to provide safer, more efficient, and easier to use office services.

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