Hidden Miners


The ready combination of a backdoor capability and a CryptoMining component in a malware enables the threat actors to deliver both an active and a passive means of exploitation. It enables them to gain immediate passive benefit for each successful infection through CryptoMining, while still having the flexibility and foothold on an active control through the backdoor they have installed.

Whether you are using technology from your home, from your business, or from the organization that you are a part of, threats are real and are actively adding additional features on their arsenal. That is why it is important to always practice safe and secure use of technology because prevention will always be our first line of defense.

Threats escalating its privileges on infected machines is a crucial component in a cyberattack. And enforcing security concepts and policies from frameworks such as AAA (Authenticate, Authorize, Accounting) can help in ensuring that the highest possible UAC is enforced, thus helping to mitigate the risks.

And on top of that, it is also vital to make sure that we use a reliable security solution that covers multiple layers of protection from e-mail protection, network security, and up to an endpoint solution that is capable of cleverly protecting us from these kinds of threats.

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