Size Matters: Our Ever-Growing Meister Team

We’re growing! If two is company and three is a crowd, then 70 is… a lot. With our offices in Vienna and Seattle continuing to expand at pace, it’s time once more to introduce a star-studded lineup of new members to the Meister team. 

Hiring, however, is more than just a numbers game. Each new employee brings a range of unique strengths and experiences to the table on our journey toward a creative and collaborative future. Think you might fit in? Excellent! Click here to find the perfect position at Meister. 

Nikola Domazet: Product Manager

My background

Although I am originally from Serbia, I studied economics and philosophy in Boston, USA. Back in Europe, my background in marketing and project management helped me nurture a career as a brand marketing manager in Ferrero, Luxembourg, and later to found my own content agency. I added valuable growth and marketing experience to my portfolio in my last position, senior growth marketing manager for I5growth, a role in which I helped SaaS startups grow at speed. That leads me nicely to Meister.

My role at Meister

I’ve joined the MindMeister team as a product manager, which for me has two key facets: helping to improve this already-great tool while leveraging my experience as a SaaS consultant to support user onboarding. I will also collaborate with the marketing team to uncover new growth opportunities.

About me

I like to travel and do sports. Usually at the same time. Although I was once really into competitive martial arts, nowadays I prefer hiking, scuba diving, and climbing. Maybe that’s because I started meditating too…

Alejandro Llana Ben: Junior Data Analyst

My background

I grew up in a city close to Madrid, Spain. After studying Economics (with an Erasmus year in Stuttgart) I moved to Berlin in 2018 to do an internship, finish my thesis, and to learn some German. In Berlin, I worked as a financial operations analyst for Funding Circle, a UK-based fin-tech firm. Recently, I graduated from a data science boot camp, which really sparked my passion for data.

My Role at Meister

As a junior data analyst, my main role is to deal with data. I do really enjoy it, so whether it’s making new reports or improving old ones, I’m your man. I’ll also be helping turn bright ideas into reality by finding and presenting data that supports my colleagues with their work.

About me

I played basketball from a young age, reaching a reasonably high level in Spain and playing tournaments in France and Germany. I also have a coaching certificate, which is great because I love training kids. Apart from basketball, I’m passionate about motorbikes: I ride mine wherever I go, so I’m really looking forward to discovering Austria on two wheels. 

Caleb Dorfman: Customer Success Agent

My background 

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and received my BA in journalism and photography at Ohio Wesleyan University. After graduation, I took off to explore South America, traveling through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. It turned out to be a great decision: while I was working at a boutique hotel in the Sacred Valley of Peru, I met my wife, who was also working there. Professionally, my interest for customer success grew while I was

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