Your guide to Foundry Virtual Events

Missed Foundry’s Virtual Events? We’ve got you covered.

In the spirit of staying connected during disparate times, Foundry’s Virtual Events series was launched in late March as a way of providing invaluable industry insights to the VFX community, whilst encouraging creativity and conversations across the globe.

Our APAC team got the ball rolling even earlier, hosting sixteen original events in China between February and July.

Since starting out, we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with close to 10,000 people from the worldwide community through our virtual events—including artists and enthusiasts from both VFX and CG. 

Three months on, and with over 26 skill-ups, webinars and sessions in the bag, we thought it a good idea to take stock and reflect on each, in one consolidated place.

Explore our full range of Virtual Events below, bucketed by categories that best reflect their content.

Compositing Virtual Events

Our compositing virtual events revolved around a huge array of topics—from improving your Nuke workflow using Python scripting and the basics of review with Nuke Studio and Hiero, to advice on becoming a Senior Compositor from freelance Nuke artist Courtney Pryce.

Don’t miss Cinegrace founder Thomas Wall as he provides invaluable insight into how he made remote working a reality for him and his team in Nuke Studio for Small Businesses in a Remote Working World

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Look Development & Lighting Virtual Events

What were the challenges of lighting a fantasy world in Pixar’s Onward!—and what game-changing developments are in store for Foundry’s lighting tool Katana? We explore these, plus much more, in our Virtual Events covering all things Look Development and Lighting.

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Design Virtual Events

Get your creative juices flowing with our design-focused skill-ups and webinars and learn modeling tips and tricks to help bring your artistic vision to life.

In Modelling for VFX today with Modo, Roo MacNeill, Modeler at Framestore and highly-skilled VFX mentor, explores how VFX has changed to adapt to modern requirements and technology. His years of experience with Modo extends across BAFTA and Oscar-nominated movies—but looking toward the future means his knowledge has evolved beyond the film pipeline as the industry prepares for the next generation of VFX.

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Career Virtual Events

Want inside insight into how to get ahead in the VFX industry? We’ve got you covered.

Our career-driven Virtual Events focus on the ins-and-outs of a number of roles, including Technical Director, VFX Supervisor and CG Supervisor. Get expert advice from leading figures in these fields as to what’s needed to succeed in each role, and don’t forget to check out Alternative methods of income for the creative industry with Hugo Guerra—perfect for anyone looking to earn money outside of the traditional roles in VFX.

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Innovation Virtual Events

As technology advances and schedules get tighter, creative work meets fresh challenges—so artists need new ways of working and tools that can keep pace. 

Our innovation panel: How practitioners are putting disruptive tech to work in VFX dives into how advancements in Cloud, Real Time and Machine Learning technologies can unlock new opportunities for artists in the face of rapid production schedules and tighter deadlines.

Plus: check out Lighting the future with Katana for product

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