The ABCs of Making: K is for Kites

Before we had drones, we had kites! In this post, I’ll share some classic kite builds from Instructables. I hope it inspires you to get outside and harness a little wind!

  Turn an Umbrella into a Delta Kite

An old umbrella is great material to make a new kite! This delta kite build also utilizes other bits and bobs you may have around your house: a bicycle wheel, a CD case and some yarn. 

  Kite With Wind-Powered LEDS

Take advantage of the wind to power LEDs so you can fly at night! Check out how ben.chapman added 3D printed propellers to his kite in the instructable.

  Make a Motorized Kite String Winder

Tired of winding and winding and winding? Let this motorized kite string winder do the hard work for you!

  Make a Jellyfish-Drone-Kite


It’s a jellyfish! It’s a drone! It’s a kite! Check out how Renard_Bleu built this impressive flying jellyfish by check out the instructable.

  Make a GIANT Kite

Sometimes you just gotta go above and beyond with a build, like this 14 square meter kite! It’s so large it requires multiple people to launch it. Flying this kite is best done with a sturdy anchor, even in calm winds. Check out the full instructable to make one for yourself!

  Build a Circofoil Kite

The Circofoil is a beautiful and incredibly stable kite you can sew at home! Be sure to check out the instructable to learn more about the science and methods behind making kites.

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