August 2020 Product Update – What’s New

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New! Emboss command

Design workspace > Solid Tab > Create Panel > Emboss

Now you can emboss like a boss, and abandon those pesky work-arounds that you were used to doing. The Emboss command now lets you select the sketch profile you want to use as well as the surface you want to emboss onto. Currently Emboss does not work for Sketch Text yet; we are in the process of revamping the Sketch Text command as a whole, and will enable Emboss support when we introduce the new Sketch Text experience.

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New! Edit by Curve command

Design workspace > Solid Tab > Create Form > Modify Panel > Edit by Curve

You will now find the new Edit by Curve command right below Edit Form in the Create Form environment. Edit by Curve gives you more control and fine tuning abilities over a series of T-Spline edges by using Curve Control Points instead dragging on the actual edges like in Edit Form. You also get more options like Degree values, Distribution, Planar Curve toggle, as well as Curve Fit preferences.

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Improved! MovingParting Line Draft

Design workspace > Solid Tab > Modify Panel > Draft > Move Parting Line

In the last update we introduced the ability to create a parting line in the Draft command. Now you can move a parting line by specifying a draft angle.  You can also set the Direction to be Angle Above, Both, or Angle Below, as well as select Fixed Edges depending on your design.

Improved! Direct parameter naming within dimension creation 

Create Sketch > Dimension > change the default dimension name

It took us a long time to get to this one, but we’re glad that we finally got it in. The idea of this improvement can be traced back all the way to 2014 via the IdeaStation, and it is now finally available in Fusion 360!

 Now when you create a dimension on a sketch, you can change the name of the default dimension while entering the value. Just enter the name you want for that dimension and give it an equal sign. That dimension will be called that name from now on. No longer do you have to go to the Parameters dialog to change the names. You can also use the custom parameters in your modeling tools, such as Fillet, Extrude, Sweep, or any tool that lets you input a value. 

Improved! Create New Component now has External and Internal options 

Design Workspace > Create Panels > New Component

EIP made it possible for you to edit a referenced component in-place of the assembly that it is in, and now you can create a referenced component directly within the assembly you’re working in and have that component saved automatically to the location you choose.

The New Component command dialog now has 2 new options: External and Internal component Creation. Selecting Internal will create a new component like it has always been, but selecting External will create a referenced component within the active assembly, and reveal a new Location option, letting you pick where you want this new component to live.

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