Pinot on reaching audiences with 6-second videos

To show animators and independent artists possibilities for their work in Toon Boom Harmony 20, we invited seven artists and teams to produce a demo video, each contributing scenes inspired by a short prompt. These artists were drawn from both the Toon Boom Ambassador Program and our international community, and were given total creative freedom on their scenes.

Wahyu Ichwandardi, also known as Pinot, is a New York-based animator who works with pencil, pen, paper and pixel. Pinot built his following in the early days of Vine through hundreds of animated six-second videos and his work has since been featured by Esquire, The Washington Post, and the Tribeca Film Festival. In 2015, Twitter (Vine’s parent company) invited Pinot to the Cannes Lions festival to showcase his animation.

In the Harmony 20 demo video, Pinot’s scene shows a live-action right hand sketching its left counterpart, which then erases the hand that drew it. His scene makes use of filmed footage, rotoscopy and traditional animation. We spoke with Pinot about his career and animation process live on Twitch, and you can find highlights of our conversation below.

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