How to Build a Winning Team

How do you motivate your employees to be their best? Start with being the best leader you can be.

One of the best ways to build your business is to invest in team members who can help you bring your vision to life. More hands on deck usually means faster, more efficient and sustainable growth. The key to how to build a winning team is to bring on the right “hands” and become a leader that empowers them to contribute in a robust way.

How do you hire the right people for the right roles? It starts with defining your company culture and ends with being the kind of leader that high-quality employees want to work for.

Let’s walk through some of the best practices associated with building a top-notch team.

Define Your Company Culture

Defining your company culture is a little like defining your brand, but focused inward. It’s a set of values and beliefs that drive every aspect of how you and your employees run your business. When you’re clear on your culture, you’ll be better prepared to know a good fit for a team member when you see one.

It’s also important to be aware that each new person on your team may bring their own set of values and beliefs. This is something to welcome because it can enhance your culture and help it evolve. Different perspectives and healthy friction can help your business grow into a dynamic organization that thrives on change. Some people look at this as looking for employees who can bring “culture add” to the table versus “culture fit.”

Value Diversity

Be open to challenging your own perception of the work you do, the customers you serve, and the very vision and mission you have created. A diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce will allow you to do this more powerfully than anything else. Bring in people who look different than you do, think differently than you do and even behave differently than you do.

Observe how they interpret the actions of your customers, perceive their pain points and think about the work you do. People who are different than us have different lived experiences and bring a wealth of information that we wouldn’t otherwise know or understand. You can still be a leader who is in “control” of your business; you’ve just hired some allies that will help you understand and accommodate new perspectives.

Look for People Who Want to Grow

While it’s not great for any company to have a status quo worker, it’s especially disastrous for a small business. When you’re looking to grow your operations, every person’s actions count. That’s why it’s important to look for people who have aspirations to build their resume. They may be applying for an administrative assistant job now, but they want to take on more responsibilities so they can grow their career. (This might mean you’re hiring another assistant in a year or two, but there are a lot of big thinkers willing to start at the bottom, especially recent graduates.)

The best way to retain a motivated employee is to create conditions for them to shine. Once they’ve mastered the duties they’ve been hired for, look for other ways for them to contribute. And make sure they feel

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