Moving Locations? Don’t Forget to Change Your Business Address With These Places

Expanding, downsizing, or simply relocating? If you change your business address, you need to let people know.

From notifying the IRS to updating your small business website, find out where and how to change your business address. 

Why it matters

When you move your residence, you have to let people know. And, you must update your address through the post office if you want your mail forwarded. The same is true for business—but even moreso. 

When you change business address, you need to update it everywhere. You need a current business address for:

Remitting tax documents Listing your business  Receiving invoices and statements Keeping business licenses and permits applicable  Protecting your storefront (e.g., insurance)

Whether you are changing business locations or deciding to work exclusively remote, you need to update your address to keep things legal. So, do you want to ensure your business is findable, compliant, and current? 

Who to change your business address with

More people use your business address than you may think. 

When you move your business, list out all the people you send and receive documents to and from. Consider the places customers turn to to find out how to shop with you in-person. And, think about things like insurance coverage. 

Take a look at where you need to update your business address. Keep in mind that this may not be an all-inclusive list. 

IRS State and locality Insurance agents Financial institutions Vendors Post office Website and social media accounts Online listings IRS 

When it comes to updating your business address, the IRS should be at the top of your list. You include your business address on every form you send to the IRS, including your small business tax return and payroll tax forms. As a result, the IRS needs to have the right address on file. 

To update business address with IRS, file Form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party – Business. 

Complete the IRS business change of address form when you change your business mailing address or location. Where you mail the form depends on your old business address. 

State and locality

In addition to sending tax-related documents to the IRS, you also send them to your state and locality. And, each form you send must list the address that matches what these agencies have on file. 

If your business is structured as an LLC, you filed Articles of Organization with the state. And if your business is structured as a corporation, you filed Articles of Incorporation. Your state must update your business address on either document, if applicable. 

Also, talk with your state and local agency if you need to change your business address on state and local licenses or permits. 

Insurance agents

You must also let your insurance agents know about a change in business address to retain property insurance coverage. 

Financial institutions

Remember to notify your financial institutions if your business moves, including your:

Banks Lenders

Even if you receive online statements from your banking, credit, and loan institutions, you have to let them know you have a change in address. 


Do your vendors ship inventory to your business address? If yes, give vendors your new address as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays. 

Do your vendors mail invoices to you? Even if you’re enrolled in

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