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Boss: I need Football data sorted in excel Right Now

You: (Trying to do this last minute) Find the data online and thinking a simple Ctrl+C&V would do the job.

… … … If only there is a function allows us to breakdown those data from one cell to a well-sorted excel table.

WPS Office Spreadsheets offers you a Text to Columns function. This function is to separate the contents of one spreadsheets cell into separate columns. This function can only be done if there is a character, like comma, space, or other characters

To utilize the function ‘Text to Columns’, the first step is to make observations.
Is there any pattern you find among this one-piece text that can break them into multiple columns? In another word, what is the one unique trait shared in between every interval that you wish to split?
Take the following image as an example➡️

Even with this chaos layout, it’s pretty clear that every text that originally belongs to an indivudual columns is disjoined by a Space! 👇

Now we just have to hand over the job to Excel by entering this pattern to make this happen!

You can also use this feature on mobile!
Wondering what you could do with WPS Office spreadsheet on your phone? The answer is EVERYTHING!

Now that you’ve watched the previous tutorial on how to breakdown data from one cell to well-sorted excel table on pc, here comes the mobile version 👇

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