Illustrator Ollie Brown: reigniting our passion for travel

Ollie Brown is a freelance illustrator who loves to depict two of his greatest passions—aviation and travel—in his work. In this interview, he talks to us about his creative background, making people happy through illustration and creating pieces on the go using Affinity Designer for iPad.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became an illustrator.

Hi, I’m Ollie. I’m a freelance illustrator based in Hertfordshire. I’ve always had a love for drawing, even from an early age, whether it be on paper or even napkins, I used to draw on anything I could find. Illustration played a big part in my school years where Art and Design & Technology were my most enjoyable subjects. They formed my love for illustration, and fast forward a number of years and I’ve developed a defined and recognisable style that is great to work in.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say my style is bold, abundant in colour and adventurous. I say this because I like to experiment with colour combinations that make an illustration pop. I like to make illustrations that give the audience something beautiful and enjoyable to view.

It’s clear that you love travelling. When did your passion for travel first begin?

I really do love to travel, especially if it includes a flight! I think my love and passion for travel came from being lucky enough to go abroad with my family from a young age. I was always taught to appreciate everything that I have and take every opportunity possible. My parents showed me a number of experiences and trips while in new countries, which I’m sure is why I’m now inquisitive and hungry to travel whenever possible.

Out of the places you’ve visited so far which is your favourite? And which have you found the most inspiring?

Tricky question as there have been so many great places! If I had to pinpoint one overall I would say, Sri Lanka. I was there for a couple of weeks and got to see and experience so much, it was incredible. I loved the culture and the insane scenic views were just amazing. I was able to visit an Elephant Sanctuary, climbed up Sigiriya Rock, visited the Dambulla Royal Cave Temple and even travelled to Candy which by sheer luck happened to coincide with the Candy festival which again, was out of this world, I’ve never seen anything like it. Sri Lanka was also the best place I’ve sampled Tea abroad too, naturally because it’s one of the places where it originates, it was so refreshing to have a decent cuppa whilst being in an exotic location. I could talk about travel forever so I better leave it there, but I hope it gets you interested!

What do you aim to capture in your travel illustrations?

I’m in the business of making people happy, sparking their interest to read/ view something, be it a brochure or on a web page. My aim is to create something striking that people will want to and enjoy looking at. I also hope my work inspires and reminds people there’s a world out there and trigger their inner travel bug to book that trip abroad. I’d like to think that my illustrations make people happy because given the current times

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