Work Smarter with Excel: The Magical tool of the Drop-Down List

When you finally got the forms back:

Now, before you snap and quit the job, there is something to save the day.

A fixed value drop-down list essentially provide fixed options for a certain value, which is a very effective way of collecting unified data.

When you want to select the desired data in the drop-down list, you can click the down-arrows of the drop-down list and make a selection.

Let’s use an example to demonstrate👇

Step 1: Select the area that you wish to add the drop-down list

Step 2: Find the ‘InsertDropDownList’ option under ‘Data’

step 3: Enter the value you wish to add


For multiple values that are too many to enter one by one, you can also log in to an existing list as the options for the drop-down list at the same time.

Repeat step 1 and 2

Select the second option and click on the icon to the right.

When you enter the value, you can simply go back to the table and click on the desired value.

After the selection complete, Click that right side icon one more time and it will take you back to the ‘insert Dropdown’ window.

Click ‘Ok’.


Thank you for staying with WPS. Hope to see you in a bit!

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